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01/07/2022 Preliminary Design Meeting

3.0.0 Cover
3.1.0 Table of Content
3.1.1 Introduction
3.1.2 Consentino Educational Program
3.1.3 Haverhill Space Summary
3.1.4 Eval Exist Cond
3.1.5 Site Devel Req
3.1.6 Preliminary Evaluation of Alternatives
3.1.7 Local Actions and Approvals
3.1.8 Appendix – All

12/8/21 Public Meeting

The below surveys are an opportunity for the Haverhill community to provide additional feedback and pose questions to the School Building Committee and the Design Team regarding the Consentino Middle School building project. There is an open-ended comment box for each option where we invite you to provide feedback and pose questions. Thank you for participating. These surveys are designed and facilitated by Colliers, the company managing the building project.

English Survey | Spanish Survey

Meeting Presentations
21-12-08 Public Meeting-ENGLISH
21-12-08 Public Meeting-SPANISH

11/2/21 Faculty Visioning Session

21-11-02 Faculty Visioning 1

10/26/21 Visioning Session #3

21-10-26 Visioning Session 3 – ENGLISH
21-10-26 Visioning Session 3 – SPANISH

10/12/2021 – Visioning Session #2

City Clerk Posting Consentino School Building Committee Visioning Session 10.12.21
Agenda-Vision 2_2021-1012
Visioning Session 2 Presentation – ENGLISH
Visioning Session 2 Presentation – SPANISH

9/21/2021 – Back to School BBQ

9/16/2021 – Visioning Session #1

Visioning Session #1 PowerPoint Presentation