Welcome to the Haverhill Multilingual Learner Education Department!

The HPS Multilingual Learner Education Department administers educational programming for English language learners with the goal of developing English language proficiency while learning content-area knowledge. We place high value on our students, their families and language and cultural backgrounds.

Ways to Support Your English Language Learners at Home

  • Use your home language to speak, tell, and read stories, ask and answer questions about new ideas. Your child’s English will benefit if he/she has strong skills in your home language.
  • Be involved. Encourage your child’s learning by asking your child and the teacher questions about classroom activities and homework.
  • Limit time on digital devices. Research shows that language, creativity and focus are increased when young children engage in off-screen activities the majority of their day.
  • Encourage reading at home in your home language and English. Listening to your child read can improve his/her reading, even if you don’t understand the language of the text.
  • Have your student tell you about their school day in English or your home language. Have them share as many details as they can. “My favorite part of the day was…”

Who are our Multilingual Learners (MLs)?

Multilingual Learners are recognized as vital members of our student population bringing multiple perspectives and cultural lenses to the broader community. They arrive at any grade, age, and proficiency level and are welcomed to our community with support that is matched to their level of development. MLs become fluent in English over time and serve as models to others who would like to become bilingual through the foreign languages.


Our students are assessed upon matriculation and placed with the school and staff that will best provide intensive English language and academic language development across all disciplines. They are assessed throughout the year to determine growth and progress with pre and post tests in reading, writing, speaking and listening in accordance with the expectations for academic and language growth of the State Curriculum Frameworks and of the World International Design Assessment (WIDA) standards for academic language proficiency.

Focus on Literacy and Language

Our Multilingual Learner Education Curriculum focuses on meaningful access to content knowledge, vocabulary, and the understanding of conceptual themes in each of the content areas. Our students are encouraged to speak, listen, read and write in English in safe and supportive environments that facilitate confidence across all language domains. MLs study the same grade level curriculum as the fluent English speakers through language rich exploration of root details about a subject that involve in-depth manipulation, and negotiation of language. MLs increase frequency of phrasal usage, volume of mastered vocabulary, authentic phonetic qualities in their speaking, the art of discourse, and critical thinking as conveyed through the written and spoken word.

Our Staff

The MLE staff are highly qualified and licensed in content areas and English Language Development (ESL/ELD) while our general and special education faculty is trained in sheltering instruction for English Language Learners.

Interpreters and Translations

The MLE Program and the Haverhill Public Schools provides Interpreter/Translator services to assure that notices from the schools are sent home in Spanish. Parents should call if they need an interpreter to call a school for them or attend a meeting on behalf of their child at the schools. Provisions are made for families who have requested notices sent home in Arabic, Portuguese, and French.

Reading is the key to expanded vocabulary and success as educated citizens.

Heidi Perez

Director of Pre-K-12 Multilingual Learner Education Department



Lisa Alonzo

MLE District Coach



Lina Bartow

ML Assessment Specialist



Christine Darling

ML Assessment Specialist



Deb Perez

ML Assessment Specialist



Gail Rogers

ML Assessment Specialist



Jasmin Rosario

Enrichment Assistant for Multilingual Learners

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Kristin Strapko

MLE District Coach



Judith (Jodi) Templer

ML Assessment Specialist