The HPS Technology Department support all staff, students, and infrastructure for Haverhill Public Schools. Our team of engineers, technicians and facilitators prioritizes customer support and workflows to support the utmost safety and security of our community.

The continuation of the District’s Chromebook 1:1 initiative for grades K-12 will encourage improvements in Technology Literacy and the integration of Curriculum with Technology. The iSchool and other Professional Development initiatives will help us reach our goal of improving the ability of our administrators and teachers to become technologically proficient.  We are focused on clear and accessible parent/teacher communication with the Remind platform. Additionally, as the District’s technology needs grow, the HPS Technology Department will continue to utilize E-Rate funding, grants, and strategic budget management to strengthen and improve our network and data security.

Make sure to keep an eye on your HPS email for technology updates throughout the year!

Our Data Specialist team is also working diligently to meet or exceed all state compliance in regards to safety, security, reporting, and data retention. The accessibility of new hardware, a securer network, and internet access, and the required bandwidth with wireless access to support the District’s growing mobile device fleet with increased technology need is a continued district-wide goal.

Douglas Russell

Director of Technology

Brian Nagel

Assistant Director of Technology

Cory Cooper

Senior Technology Facilitator

Bonnie Maclay

Principal Clerk

Don Preston

Systems Network Engineer

Lindsey McLeod

Systems and Accounts Engineer

Bart McArthur

Jr Systems Network Engineer

Justin Dyer

Data Compliance Specialist

Paula O’Brien

Data Analyst

Joy Jannell

Communication Specialist

Peter Lavins

Senior Technician II

Charlene Richard

Technician II

Cam McLeod

Technician I

Justin DePamphilis

Technician I

Braden Dorr

Technician I