The Haverhill Public Schools Curriculum Department’s purpose is to improve educational programs based on high learning standards for all students. One of our goals is to provide support to administrators, teachers, students, and parents as they collaborate within our educational community.

  • Our comprehensive district-wide curriculum alignment process links curriculum, instruction, and assessment to student learning and improvement goals.
  • Our working documents and Curriculum Maps provide a common ground from which to begin conversations about building effective and challenging curricula, instruction and assessment for all students based on the Massachusetts Frameworks. We will work to expand, refine, and strengthen our curriculum alignment process, to provide consistency and continuity in the curriculum and instruction for all schools in our district.
  • Our local assessments and the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAS) monitor student growth and achievement in our educational programs.
  • Our three year Professional Development Plan builds a strong foundation for effective professional development linked to our educational purpose.

Bonnie Antkowiak

Chief of Teaching, Learning and Leading


Dianne Connolly

Director of Multi Tiered Systems of Support

Catherine Lally

Supervisor of Mathematics
Grades K-12


Kevin Higginbottom

Supervisor of Science and Technology Grades K-12


Heidi Perez

Supervisor K-12 English Learner Programs


Helene Levine

Supervisor of English Language Arts (ELA) Grades K-12


Jennifer Rubera

Director of Out School Time and Remote Learning


Cheryl Queenan

Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent


Irene Collins

Assessment Coordinator and Data Coach