Address Changes Due to In-District Moves

To process a student address change, complete the Online Change of Address Request Form and upload proof of residency.  Below are examples of acceptable forms of proof:

  • Utility Bill with new address dated within the last 60 days (gas, electric, internet)
  • Current Lease or Recent Mortgage Statement or Rental Receipts with the address

Addresses will be changed after all the required forms are received by the Registration Department. Families will be notified by email once the address change is updated and can choose next steps: 

  • Students can finish the year in the same school, but must go to their district school the following school year. Parents must provide transportation in this case.
  • Students can transfer to the district school based on their new address and may be eligible for transportation.


In-District Transfer Requests

If your child currently attends Haverhill Public Schools and you would like to request a change of school assignment due to a hardship, a transfer request form must be filed.  All requests are reviewed on a space-available basis and responded to in writing. 

Transfer request applications will be available on May 1 for the 2024-2025 school year.

Please know that per the Haverhill School Committee ‘Assignment of Students to Schools’ Policy*, students are required to attend school in the attendance area in which they reside, unless the Superintendent has granted special permission. Special permission may be granted for the following reasons: 

  1. Change involves a hardship case or if there are medical considerations.
  2. Change appears to be in the interests of the child, of the schools, and for disciplinary and administrative reasons.
  3. The legal residence of a child changes from one attendance area to another during the school year and the parents wish the child to remain in former school; permission will not extend beyond the current school year.
  4. To permit secondary school students to take courses not offered in their assigned schools.

*School bus transportation will not be provided for students attending schools outside their attendance area; or unless specific permission is granted by the School Committee. SOURCE: MASC October 2016.