When do I need to register my child for Kindergarten?

Early registration for the upcoming school year begins on February 1st.  We encourage families to begin registration a soon as possible after the February 1st.

Is there a deadline to Register for Kindergarten? 

Our Early Registration priority deadline is May 1st, however, you can still enroll your child after this date.

How old does the my child need to be to start Kindergarten?

A child must be five years old on or before August 31, 2024 to attend kindergarten for the 2024-2025 school year. You do not need to wait until the child turns 5 to complete the enrollment application, as long as the child is 5 by August 31 we encourage early enrollment.

Is Kindergarten free?

Yes! Haverhill Public Schools offers free full-day kindergarten for Haverhill residents.

How do I register my child for Kindergarten?

You will need to complete the registration application packet online with all required documents. You can also print the application and make an appointment online to bring it in person and meet with an enrollment specialist who can review your paperwork.

What do I need to bring to complete Registration?

In order to complete registration, you will need:

  • Complete Registration Application
  • Proof of Haverhill residency (ex. lease or mortgage)
  • Proof of Haverhill occupancy (ex. recent utility bill)
  • Valid Parent/Legal Guardian Photo ID
  • Student Birth certificate or Passport
  • Recent immunizations, and physical exam (including Lead test results)
  • Custody agreements or other active court documents pertaining to legal custody of the student, if applicable

We are transferring from another school, what do I need to register my child? 

All students coming in to the Haverhill Public School district must complete the registration application and gather all required documents. You can also make an appointment online to meet with an enrollment specialist who will help process your paperwork.

In addition to the required documents, we will need the following information from the previous school:

  • Report card or transcript from pervious school
  • IEP or 504 Plan if student receives services under a special education program

*High School students transferring to Haverhill High School must have a transcript and last report card at time of registration in order to meet with a guidance counselor and start school.

How do I know which school my child will attend?

Your child will be assigned to a school based on the home address. Schools are assigned to provide equity among the district and assure there is not overcrowding in the schools. Haverhill Public Schools does not offer school choice.

You can find out your school assignment by street online, however, be advised that the street/school locator does not take into account student-specific programmatic needs and enrollment numbers and may not reflect the accurate placement. This site is for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee of placement as the final placement will be determined at the time of registration.

Can I request/choose a certain school?

If an extenuating circumstance exists, a transfer may be requested by completing a Transfer Request application. Transfers are not guaranteed and parents should plan on their child attending their home district school until a determination is made.

Also, note that school bus transportation will not be provided for students attending schools outside their attendance area unless a hardship is involved; or unless specific permission is granted by the School Committee.  Transfer requests are reviewed mid-August. Find more information on our website.

When is the first day of school for my child?

The first day of school for Kindergarten students is one week after the opening of school for grades 1-12.  Kindergarten students typically start school on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Students transferring to HPS from another school, will begin as soon as all the required paperwork and documents are received and cleared by registration. Families will be notified of a start date and all pertinent information.

What hours will my child go to school?

Your child’s schedule will depend on the school to which he/she is assigned. School hours are either 8:30 AM.-2:45 PM or 9:00 AM- 3:15 PM.  You will receive this information at the time of registration once your child has been placed in a school. It is important to register early to know your child’s placement sooner and plan for the new school year.

Can my child take a bus?

Kindergarten students may be eligible to be bussed to and from school. Safety considerations are also used to determine additional eligibility for busing.

To be eligible for transportation, students in the following grades must live within the distance below from the school:

  • Grades 1st – 3rd:  More than 1 mile
  • Grades 4th – 6th: More than 1.5 miles
  • Grades 7th – 12th: More than 2 miles

Check with transportation for the most up to date bus information.

Where can I find the bus schedule and bus stops?

Information on bus stops and schedules are available on the transportation website.

I have an older child already in school. Will their sibling attend the same school?

We will attempt to place siblings in the same school, but this may not be possible. Different schools house different grades and programs, so a particular building may not have the grades or programs to be able to accommodate siblings. Early registration is very important so families can know their child’s placement and plan accordingly.

When is the open house for my child’s school?

School open houses are held in late august and you will receive information directly from your children’s schools over the summer.

I received notification that my child needs a screening appointment for Kindergarten. What is this for?

Kindergarten screening is done to assess the level at which your child is functioning academically, socially, and emotionally. It is intended to allow us to balance needs in the classroom with the need for additional services. The Multilingual Language Learner Department tests students who have more than one language in the home.  Appointments for testing are made at the time of registration.