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Wellness Caregiver Series- Vaping 101 (recording of webinar Stanford University Presentation on 9/20/23

We share your concerns regarding vaping behaviors, which are on the rise, particularly for the adolescent age group. It is encouraging that e-cigarette use has slightly declined among U.S. adolescents in the past few years. However, studies show that the intensity of use and addiction is problematic, mainly since tobacco use is established during adolescence. 

Our Wellness and Counseling Departments have partnered to provide helpful information to families and age-appropriate interventions for students. We are handling situations on a one-to-one basis as problems arise. Yet, as a proactive approach, we will be talking more about prevention, specifically anti-vaping and anti-drug use, in our elementary programs. We take this issue very seriously due to the adverse health effects vaping can have on our students, and we often find that our parents and younger students are often not aware of the risks of vaping.

This may or may not be the first time you have had conversations surrounding these topics, but we would like to continue to partner with you on educating students. Our goal is to educate appropriately before students’ true curiosity sets in. Without proper preparation and knowledge, misinformation can occur. Our goals are to educate appropriately before students’ curiosity develops, partner with you on this process and provide resources for families to follow up at home.

Students in Grade 4 will be provided 3 lessons during PE. In Spring of 2023, teachers will implement an Intro to Vaping lesson modeled initially by Megan Arivella, District Coach of Health and Wellness. The next year, all 3 lessons will be provided that includes the Stanford University You and Me Together Vape Free Curriculum. Parent/guardians have the option to opt their child out of the lessons, however we encourage full participation.

English Notification Vaping lessons letter

Portuguese Notification Vaping lessons letter

Spanish Notification Vaping lessons letter

Students in Grade 4 at Silver Hill  participated in a Vape Prevention poster contest following the Intro to Vape lesson~amazing artists! In addition, they are captivated by the lesson.

Presentation for Elementary Students at HPS

Our Health and Counseling Departments have created a presentation that our elementary students will see in classrooms soon. We welcome you to view it below and check out our resources to help you begin your conversation at home.

Intro to Vaping Lesson_ Grade 4