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Interim District Coach: Megan Arivella, M.Ed/NCC/NCSC

Athletic Director: Thomas O’Brien

Dean HHS Health, Wellness Health Teacher: Lisa Begley

Lead Health, Wellness & PE Teacher: Robin Vinci, Golden Hill PE 

Supervising: Bonnie Antkowiak, Chief of Teaching, Learning and Leading

Haverhill Public Schools has a responsibility to foster a school environment that helps students learn and maintain lifelong healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Many factors play a role in achieving a healthy school environment, including food and beverages available to students while at school, nutrition education, opportunities for physical activity and other school-based programs and activities designed to promote student wellness. ~HPS Wellness Policy (2012)

Haverhill Public Schools has collaborated with Mental Health Collaborative to bring professional development opportunities to our educators in addition an evidenced based program for our 8th grade students on Mental Health Literacy to supplement the curriculum lessons in middle schools. The training will occur in the 2022-2023 school year with implementation in 2023-2024 school year.

Thanks to funding from The Highland Street Foundation, New Balance, and others, the Sports Museum at TDBankNorth Garden is able to bring Boston vs. Bullies to schools. Through teacher and counselor training, students in Grade 5 in Haverhill Schools benefit from various methods of instruction during Health classes on bullying prevention.

The YWCA is collaborating with the Health teachers at the high school level. This will be Haverhill Public Schools first venture in hosting the Site Director and Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Advocates from the YWCA of Haverhill at the High School and Gateway Academy. In addition, Consentino and Gateway Health classes in specific grades have the benefit of resources and lessons tailored to this age group. The YWCA of Northeastern Massachusetts is excited to be working with Haverhill Public schools to better serve the youth in our community. Their mission is to inform, spread awareness andassist the youth and will speak on developing healthy relationships, positive communication and offer community resources.

Health II classes at Haverhill High have piloted a program offered by Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST). It is a research-validated substance abuse prevention program proven to reduce the risks of alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, and violence by targeting the major social and psychological factors that promote the initiation of substance use and other risky behaviors. This comprehensive and exciting program provides adolescents and young teens with the confidence and skills necessary to successfully handle challenging situations.


Prevention Starts with All – The Chris Herren Story

Chris Herren visited our city on May 2, 2023-Herren Talks was an amazing presentation and his message was touching, educational and real. The Chris Herren Project offers many resources to support individuals in recovery, educate those who want to understand addiction and reduce the stigma of substance abuse.

The Herren Project Resources

May is Prevention Awareness Month

The Wellness Department would like to kick off the Chris Herren event on Tuesday, May 2nd (6-8pm at Hunking) dedicating the month of May to educate, raise awareness and reduce stigma of mental, behavioral and substance abuse issues. We have provided you two calendars with links, resources, tips and activities! Wellness Wednesdays in May will include promoting wearing purple and/or green for prevention and awareness. We encourage you to participate!


Elementary Wellness Calendar

Middle/High School Calendar

Community Activity & Sports Directory

It is important to the Wellness Department that students and their families understand that youth sports and activities provide not only physical benefits but social and emotional benefits as well. Structured physical activity can help children better receive coaching feedback and instruction which can translate to focus in our classrooms. It is designed to drive awareness and guide families to local sports and youth organizations in and near Haverhill.

Community Activity & Sports Directory – English
Community Activity & Sports Directory – Spanish
Community Activity & Sports Directory – Portuguese

District Health and Wellness Staff

Megan Arivella

District Coach of Health and Wellness

(978) 206-1569


Tom O’Brien

Athletic Director


Lisa Begley

Haverhill High School


Robin Vinci

Golden Hill Elementary School


Juan Jimenez

Bradford Elementary


David Gibson

Consentino Middle School


Peter Begley

Consentino Middle School


Michael Scatamacchia

Gateway Academy


John DeAngelo

Golden Hill Elementary School/Moody School


Dawnmarie Paradis

Haverhill High School


George Nigro

Haverhill High School


Jennifer Slater

Haverhill High School


Cara LaBelle

Haverhill High School


Jordan Britton

Haverhill High School


Suzanne “Paige” Crimmin

Haverhill High School


Amy-Jo Gallagher

Haverhill High School


Cale Wood

Hunking School


Ralph Wolfendale

Hunking School


Lori Curry

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Nettle Middle School


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Nettle Middle School


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Pentucket Lake School


Christine Hickey

Pentucket Lake School


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Kevin Murphy

Silver Hill School


Craig Barnard

Tilton Upper/Walnut Square


Kevin Demarais

Whittier Middle School


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