This will only be available until November 1, 2023 for current students. Students new to the District will receive a special code at registration.
This guide will walk you through the steps needed to purchase the device insurance for your student(s).

Step 1 – Visit the Device Insurance Website

Located at

Step 2 – Account Information

Fill in all available fields as accurately as possible.

Step 3 – Create a Password

Create a password to secure your account with School Device Coverage.

Step 4 – Place an Order for Device Insurance

Click the “place an order” button.

Step 5 – Choose “Haverhill Public Schools”

If “Haverhill Public Schools” does not automatically show, you can search for “Haverhill” in the available box.

Step 6 – Fill in Student and Device Details

When asked, the Asset Tag is a sticker with a 6-digit number, located on the bottom of the device.


Step 7 – Add Another Student (if necessary)

After you fill in the first student form, you’ll have a choice to Pay Now or Insure Another Device. Choose “Insure Another Device” to add another student.

Step 8 – Proceed to Payment

You can choose to pay online via Credit/Debit Card or through PayPal Credit.