• Haverhill Public Schools Approved Rightsizing Model

    Rightsizing Model Approved

    by School Committee 04.11.19


    Rightsizing Zone Maps

    Below, you’ll find the adjusted District Zones for the Rightsizing plan. The colored Zones are estimates and may still be slightly adjusted as we continue to work towards accommodating special programming and other minor street adjustments.
    Students and families affected by Rightsizing Zone adjustments will be notified by mail before June 20th.
    Further details will follow later.

    Haverhill Public Schools – Proposed Rightsizing Model

    To better meet the needs of the diverse student population across our schools and to reduce overcrowding, the Haverhill Public Schools is introducing a rightsizing model. With these changes to student assignment, the school district will offer a cost effective, short-term solution that supports access and equity for all students.


    Class Size Management Goals

    Cost-effective Short-term Answer with a Positive Impact

    1. Reduce Overcrowding
    2. Split TEACH and HALT and provide each program with a more appropriate space
    3. Better meet the needs of diverse student populations

    HPS Rightsizing Fact Sheet

    Why is the Haverhill Public Schools rightsizing?

    • An interim solution is needed for the middle school level overcrowding until a more permanent resolution is determined with either the rebuilding or renovating of Consentino School.
    • The repurposing of the St. James School School from a specialized facility educating 80 students to a middle school with the potential to educate over 300 students will reduce overcrowding.
    • The changes would occur at natural breaks in students’ schooling to decrease the uprooting of children. Our kindergarten students would join their peers in the elementary school. Consentino School would navigate in the interim back to a grade 5-8 school, St. James School Grades 4-6, Whittier School Grades 5-8, Nettle School 5-8, with TEACH and HALT having their own individual space.

    What benefits could be gained by the district rightsizing?

    • Improve neighborhood schools (close to home) model
    • Insure equitable access to educational resources across buildings
    • Shorten student travel time by bus
    • Provide services [English language learners (ELL) and special education) closer to student’s home
    • Maintain/increase socioeconomic balance across our schools
    • Additional supports for kindergarten students
    • Lower class size at the middle schools
    • Provide TEACH/HALT Programs with independent space

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