Happy February!

We hope this message finds you well and staying warm this winter. Our school community is vibrant with activity, and students have been working hard in their classes! HHS History Teacher Shaun Ashworth and his AP Government & Politics class have organized a Voter Registration Campaign! This is the same group that assembled the School Committee Forum, City Council Forum, and the Mayoral Debate last Fall! Scrolling through the newsletter, you will find their “Did you Know” social media posts containing factual information on why voting is important. We are proud of our future leaders and their hard work and dedication!

On February 1, 2024, Kindergarten Registration opens for the Class of 2037! This includes children of Haverhill Residents who turn five by August 31, 2024. Here are some things you need to know about registration:

  • Families can access online registration forms if they have the required documents to upload. 
  • In-person registration is open, but you MUST make an appointment to come in person
  • The Moody Pre-K Lottery also opens on February 1. This is for 3 & 4-year-olds who do not have an IEP. Parents can contact Moody School or Registration to be added to the waitlist. Students who get a spot will be notified in March to complete registration.
  • Students currently enrolled at Moody will not need to re-register. These students will be automatically enrolled in their home district schools unless their IEP requires a different placement. Families will be notified of this in the spring.

February vacation is coming for all schools. Do you have anything fun planned with your children? Haverhill Public Schools, Haverhill YMCA, YWCA, and the Boys & Girls Club have partnered for the 4th Annual February Vacation Academy, a week full of academic lessons and recreational activities during the February break. This allows students to engage in learning and fun activities while providing working families high-quality childcare at NO COST! For more information and translations, visit our website!

On February 2, our schools will celebrate the 100th Day of School! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We will share pictures of old souls and a slide show of fun times during the past 100 days!

As always, check our websites for more February events in the District and all Schools. We hope you have a great February! Stay warm and safe; Spring will be here soon!



Important Dates

February 1, 2024
2024 Kindergarten Registration Opens

February 2, 2024
100th Day of School

February 2, 2024 
HHS Term 2 Report Cards Issued

February 8, 2024 7:00 PM
School Committee – Regular Meeting

February 13, 2024 
K-8 Progress Reports Issued – 2nd Trimester

February 15, 2024 
PreK-8 Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 15, 2024 7:00 PM
White Ribbon Night

February 17, 2024
50th Anniversary of Haverhill High School Hockey


February 19, 2024 
President’s Day – No School

February 20 – 23, 2024 
February Recess – No School

February 20 – 23, 2024
February Vacation Academy

February 26, 2024 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
JGW Drama Fundraiser Casa Blanca

February 28, 2024 
Early Release – All Students

February 28, 2024
HHS Term 3 Progress Reports Issued

February 29, 2024  7:00 PM
School Committee – Regular Meeting

HHS AP Government & Politics Class

Did you know? 16 states will hold primaries and caucuses on March 5th including Massachusetts. This is known as Super Tuesday. The country will narrow down the choices for president to one per political party.

Health & Wellness

Physical Education classes at Hunking School and throughout the district learned some discipline, movement, and coordination skills from KC Godin of Premier Martial Arts. Students had a great time learning new skills!

Tilton Elementary School

Access testing took place in many schools last month. At Tilton Elementary, they had an access testing celebration for our students. We are proud of their accomplishments!

Health & Wellness Department

What a day for students at JGW, Silver Hill, Pentucket Lake and Bradford Elementary! The Wellness Department and PE teachers continue to support student learning and physical fitness! Students were thrilled to participate in a Health Expo and cheer as spectators for a women’s college basketball game. A great opportunity for the 4th and 5th grade students to see a college campus and all that it has to offer!

HHS AP Government & Politics Class

Did you know? You can register to vote online in Massachusetts! If your child is 16, they can pre-register to vote online with a valid ID (please follow the link below). This means that once your child reaches the age of 18, they are automatically registered to vote. If you or your child does not have a valid ID, they can visit the City Clerk’s office or Mr. Ashworth’s classroom at HHS Room M20 to pick up a paper registration form. https://www.sec.state.ma.us/OVR/

Silver Hill Elementary Community Gives Back to Dana Farber

Gina Johnson, a Reading Interventionist at Silver Hill Elementary School and a stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor left Dana Farber after a year of intensive treatment regimens with a promise to always give back. Each year, Gina delivers Christmas gifts to the patients on the Oncology floor with the assistance of family, friends, and the generous Andover Mums Facebook group. Gina began this tradition in Lawrence but has since moved to Haverhill, where she has continued her promise of
charity to those in similar positions to the one she was in almost ten years ago. Gina sees this as a way to encourage empathy and unity within the students and the community.

The generosity has humbled Gina and the care her students bring to this labor of love each year. This year was no different. Silver Hill Elementary School students were encouraged to bring in “Coins for Cancer,” and bracelets were sold for $1.00. Each classroom collected coins, and the staff was in awe of the collective compassion and giving. One particular example stood out. Two students, Izzy (8) and Raven (5) devised a plan to grow their own sunflowers in their neighborhood and sell them at the beginning of the fall. When Silver Hill started accepting donations for Dana Farber, the girls were very excited to donate the money that they had earned. Their parents were so moved that they matched the money they made for a total donation of $175.

In total, Silver Hill Elementary School collected $842.00 for Dana Farber. They are hoping to spread more joy throughout the year!


Attendance Matters!

HHS AP Government & Politics Class

Did you know? In order to vote in an election in Massachusetts, you have to register 10 days in advance. This means, in order to vote in the Massachusetts presidential primary election on March 5th, you must register to vote by February 24th.

Haverhill High Hockey Alumni

Haverhill High School Hockey will celebrate 50 years on February 17, 2024! All Alumni are invited to attend, for more information please email Spike Sprague at RICHSPRG@AOL.COM

February Vacation Academy 2024

February vacation is coming for all schools. Do you have anything fun planned with your children? Haverhill Public Schools, Haverhill YMCA, Haverhill YWCA, and the Haverhill Boys & Girls Club have partnered to offer a week full of academic lessons and recreational activities during the February break. This gives students a chance to engage in learning and fun activities while providing working families with high-quality childcare at NO COST! For more information and translations, visit our website!

Health & Wellness At Haverhill High School

A group of students in Physical Education class at HHS reinforced coordination and sportsmanship while on a field trip to Academy Lanes in Bradford. Part of the funding of this trip was provided by a grant to the Wellness Department from Monogram Foods.

Food Service Department

The Food Service Department was serving out some great food this past week! They have started ordering more regularly from a vendor that connects to various farms in Massachusetts- they have been ordering weekly based on what’s available seasonally.

This week, we received rainbow carrots from Ward’s Berry Farm, and JG Whittier had them as part of their lunch! This week, the schools offered Ambroisa Apples from Tougas Farm. We can get a wide variety of apples, and their availability changes weekly based on what the farmers have. Winter Gem Salad Mix is at the HS to make salads; Queen’s Greens and Nettle will be using their spinach this week as well!! Food Services has officially started the Fruits and Vegetables Program (FFVP) at Silver Hill, Golden Hill, Pentucket Lake, Tilton, Bradford, and the elementary side of Hunking. You can see the program info in the attached document. This program aims to offer and expose kids to fruits and vegetables they may not usually get and encourage them to try something new. The picture below shows a Kindergarten class, Noula Thibault, at Hunking, where the kids enjoy their snack time apple! To view the Fruit & Vegetable Program, visit our website.

HHS AP Government & Politics Class

Did you know? There are currently four candidates running for the Democratic party nomination. They include the current sitting President of the United States, Joe Biden, Congressman Dean Phillips (D-MN), Cenk Uygur, an online commentator and Marianne Williamson, a self-help author. There are currently many candidates for the Republican party nomination. They include Former President Donald Trump, former South Carolina Governor Niki Haley, businessman Rivek Ramaswamy, former Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson, Texas Pastor Ryan Binkley, and current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. There are also third party independent candidates as well. Massachusetts presidential primary is March 5th

Haverhill's 5th Annual PreSchool Fair

HHS AP Government & Politics Class

Did you know? Massachusetts has a modified primary system. If you are a registered Democrat or Republican, you must vote in that party’s primary. If your party identification is unenrolled, you may choose which primary you can vote in. Massachusetts presidential primary is March 5th.

Haverhill High School – Food Service Department

Students at Haverhill High School had a great surprise this month! Our Food Service Department hosted a Pop-Up menu, featuring guest chef Cesar making a Seoul Taco! They will be having more Pop-Ups in the coming weeks!

Career Technical Education

HHS Career Technical Education Biomedical Science Freshman were fortunate to welcome two professors from Merrimack College, Professor John Gallagher and Professor Rickey Caldwell. Professor Gallagher shared information about the field of biomechanics while Professor Caldwell demonstrated the Boston Dynamics robot “Spot”. Both presentations were interesting and well received by students. Thank you to both professors for sharing your research with our students!

Health & Wellness

The Wellness Department acquired a grant from the City of Haverhill Youth and Mental Health Activity Fund. Meg Arivella, in conjunction with teachers and counselors from JGW, Consentino, and Nettle, designed and implemented “Strides to Wellness”, an afterschool group for Grade 5 that focuses on healthy behaviors and fun activities to support positive growth. Nicole Reynolds and Jamie Backstrom’s group at JGW had fun with art therapy and beach volleyball! Stay tuned for more updates!

Career Technical Education

The HHS CTE Healthcare Occupations Sophomores dove deeper into LGBTQIA+ topics during a returning guest speaker presentation, while Biomedical Science Freshmen were provided with an introductory overview.  This is important information for students to be aware of as they are planning to pursue careers in the healthcare industry.  Thank you Renn Duffey for raising awareness!

HHS AP Government & Politics Class

Did you know? In most elections in Massachusetts, you can request to vote by mail. If you are not already registered for mail-in ballots, follow this link https://www.sec.state.ma.us/divisions/elections/elections-and-voting.htm and click on “vote by mail”. It’s easy!

2024 Kindergarten Registration starts on February 1, 2024

The Bartlett School and Assessment Center

The Bartlett School and Assessment Center along with Haverhill Public Schools is pleased to announce it has received a $5,000 grant from  Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism. These funds will provide opportunities for our students to access community activities such as horseback riding, vocational training, and membership with the YMCA to support swimming activities.

 Through the funding provided by the Flutie Foundation, our students will be able to experience opportunities in the community that they typically would not be able to experience. Experiences such as horseback riding, swimming, and participating in community activities such as restaurant trips will be an enjoyable experience for both students and staff. These experiences in the community will allow a greater appreciation and understanding of our students and their local community.

“The Flutie Foundation Signature Grants help our partner agencies address a variety of significant needs in the autism community, “ says Nick Savarese, Executive Director of the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. “Programs like these are helping people on the autism spectrum live life to the fullest and we are proud to support their efforts.”

The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, based in Framingham, MA, awards grants annually through a competitive application and review process. The signature grants that the Flutie Foundation distributed this year support traditionally under-served, under-funded, culturally diverse communities reflected in the Foundation’s areas of interest; providing a path for educational and vocational skills, supporting recreational and active lifestyles, and ensuring people with autism are safe, supported and informed.

HHS AP Government & Politics Class

Did you know? Despite the fact that local elections are the most impactful on our day to day lives, they have the lowest turnout among all three levels of government. In 2023, only 20% of eligible voters voted in Haverhill’s election. Learn more about your local government at cityofhaverhill.com and make sure to register and vote in the next local election!

Haverhill High School MCJROTC

SHOUT OUT to our Haverhill High School MCJROTC Cadets! They competed and hosted at Hunking Middle School on Saturday against 6 of the best MCJROTC Drill Teams in the Northeast. Your Haverhill High School MCJROTC Drill team finished in 2nd place overall and took home six trophies, and 5 of our Cadets earned Individual medals. They have earned 36 trophies since the start of the school year! OORAH!

Haverhill High School Athletics

Jeff Harris has been named the boys’ volleyball varsity head coach at Haverhill High School.

Harris has been an assistant coach with both the boys’ and girl’s volleyball programs for the past six years.  Both programs have had success in recent years. The boy’s team went 14-5 in 2023 and advanced to the second round of the MIAA Tournament. The girls’ program has won three straight Merrimack Valley Conference Championships.

A Haverhill High School graduate, Harris played volleyball for the Hillies and went on to play club volleyball at Providence College. He has served as a teacher at Whittier Middle School in Haverhill since 2012 and has coached both volleyball and basketball at the middle school level.

Career Technical Education

Students from the HHS Career Technical Education Healthcare Occupations program were fortunate to tour the new free-standing Plaistow Emergency Room, a campus of Parkland Medical Center!  Students saw the laboratory, x-ray and CT rooms, isolation room as well as the trauma room where students heard from Dr. Grossman.  Staff demonstrated how an IV is inserted and removed.  We also learned about all of the opportunities for students to extend their learning with Parkland Medical.  Thank you to the entire team who was so welcoming!  For more information about work-based learning experiences in the HHS CTE Program, contact Lisa Hunt at lhunt@haverhill-ps.org.

Food Service Department

We have said it before, and we will repeat it….Our school meals are the BEST! Recently, students were treated to Acai Bowls; we love that they are so colorful and tasty but, best of all, healthy! Thank you to everyone in our Food Service Department for preparing excellent meals! Stay tuned…we heard a rumor that the Hunking School will have a Pop-Up meal in the upcoming weeks!

Haverhill High School MCJROTC

At Haverhill High School, we have an impressive MCJROTC Program! These cadets work hard at academics, giving back to their school and community, but did you know they also compete with other elite-level MCJROTC Programs? This year, they have already won 36 trophies! Check out their January Newsletter!


At Haverhill Public Schools, we’re committed to providing a learning experience that allows your child to grow and flourish with technology.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with a student safety and digital wellbeing platform that is now protecting the devices your child uses at school, ensuring they stay safe and secure. For more information and to sign up, visit our website.

Haverhill High School

Are you looking for information on all the happenings at Haverhill High School? Well, look no further! You can find their weekly newsletter posted on the front page of their website, and visit the Hillie Athletic website to find out about HHS Sports!


Starting April 1, 2023, MassHealth will begin the eligibility redetermination process, renewing all 2.3M members over the following 12 months. This will generally be the first-time members are at risk of losing their coverage since February 2020. In preparation for this effort, MassHealth has increased staffing significantly to handle a greater volume of calls and applications, improved our systems to automatically renew as many members’ coverage as possible, and is working in close collaboration with health plans, providers, and other stakeholders. Even with this preparation, we understand this may be difficult for members. We’re asking for your support as part of our outreach strategy. Visit their website or contact Tiffany Bell, HPS Family Engagement Nurse, @ tiffany.bell@haverhill-ps.org (APPT ONLY). For Spanish call 978-475-5521, for Portuguese email katia.morris@haverhill-ps.org

HPS Snow/Weather related Cancellations

It is that time of year when New England weather becomes very unpredictable! What goes into our decisions regarding weather cancellations? Visit our website to view our Snow Cancellation Procedure.

Haverhill Public Schools added Text Messaging (SMS) to SchoolMessenger

The District has added text messaging (SMS) capability to SchoolMessenger Communicate, which we now use for phone calls and emails. You can still sign up if you missed the communication that went out at the beginning of January!

Families can opt-in to receive text messages from SchoolMessenger by texting Y to number 67587

Sign up now; you don’t want to miss out on important communications from Haverhill Public Schools! For more information and FAQs, visit our website.

HHS AP Government & Politics Class

Did you know? Each state has its own rules about how delegates are awarded to presidential candidates in the primary system. Most states have a proportional system, meaning that the number of pledged delegates awarded to a candidate is directly linked to the percentage of the vote the candidate gets in the primary/caucus. For Republicans, a candidate needs at least 1,215 out of 2,429 delegates to win the party’s nomination for president. For Democrats, a candidate needs 1,969 out of about 3,900 delegates to win the nomination.

YWCA & HPS Wellness Department - White Ribbon Kick Off Night

HHS AP Government & Politics Class

The HHS AP Government Class, under the guidance of Shaun Ashworth, has organized the Voter Registration Drive to inform and educate students, staff, families, and the community about Voter Registration! Recently, they sat with Haverhill City Councilor Melissa Lewandowski from Ward 4 and captured her thoughts on why citizens should register and exercise their right to vote! Check it out below:

JGW Drama Club

Join JGW Drama Club for a fundraiser at Casa Blanca Restaurant! On Monday, February 26, 2024, from 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM, mention to your server that you are there to support JGW Drama Club, and 20% of your bill will be donated to The JGW Drama Club!

Health & Wellness Department

Imagine spending an afternoon making smoothies with the counselors, Mrs. McCann & Mrs. Parolisi, on a bike and relaxing in yoga poses with our Nursing Director, Mrs.
Thompson?! Our Strides to Wellness Students Wellness Groups at Nettle and JGW continue to love these healthy activities!

HHS AP Government & Politics Class

HHS AP Government students want you to know that you have the ability to shape your future and the community you live in by voting. Please watch this PSA about how we can all shape our own futures by using our voice in elections starring Junior David Martinez and seniors Lucien Pothier, Asil Nguyen, and Mia Swinson. Special thanks to Chris Bowden from HC Media for producing these videos!


Our Schools

Bartlett School & Assessment Center,  Grades K-12.

Bradford Elementary, Grades K-4

Caleb Dustin Hunking, Grades K-8

Consentino Middle School, Grades 5-8

Gateway Academy, Grades 7-12

Golden Hill, Grades K-4

Greenleaf Academy, Grades 5-12

Haverhill High School, Grades 9-12

J.G. Whittier, Grades 5-8

Moody PreSchool, Grades Pre-K – K

Moody PreSchool Ext., Grades Pre-K

Nettle Middle School, Grades 5-8

Pentucket Lake Elementary, Grades K-5

Silver Hill Elementary, Grades K-5

Tilton Elementary, Grades K-3

Walnut Square, Grades Pre-K-2


Haverhill School Committee Approved Meeting Schedule

Thursday, February 8, 2024
Thursday, February 29, 2024
Thursday, March 14, 2024
Thursday, March 28, 2024

Regular meetings of the School Committee are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month in the Theodore A. Pelosi, Jr. Council Chambers, 4 Summer Street in Haverhill. Citizens of Haverhill who wish to submit items  for a meeting agenda, should email the agenda item to the School Committee Office, Attn: Beverly McGillicuddy, Secretary to the Haverhill School Committee beverly.mcgillicuddy@haverhill-ps.org with a copy to both the Superintendent of Schools and the Mayor no later than the seven (7) days  prior to a Committee meeting is held.

For additional information please visit the School Committee Department on our website. 

Mayor, Melinda E. Barrett, Chairperson

Attorney Paul Magliocchetti, Vice Chairperson

Ms. Yonnie Collins, Ward 6

Ms. Erica Diaz, Ward 1

Ms. Cheryl Ferguson, Ward 3

Dr. Thomas Grannemann, Ward 7

Mrs. Mikaela Lalumiere, Ward 4

Attorney Richard Rosa, At-Large

Ms. Maura Ryan-Ciardiello, At-Large

Dr. Jill Story, Ward 5

Ms. Gail Sullivan, Ward 2

Mrs. Beverly McGillicuddy, Secretary