SLP Intro

Abcmouse – Great lessons for Preschool children! – Check out Sid the Science Kid and Wild Kratz for some fun science lesson.  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Mister Rogers are fabulous for social emotional learning support. For letters, sounds, and word recognition take a look at Super Why.

This site gives support in talking with your preschool children about the coronavirus.

Sesame Street gives supports for reading, writing, math, and social emotional learning. There’s a list of videos, fun games, and interactive songs to support our Preschool students.

Gonoodle – List website supports our Preschool children with moving!

Student Access Instructions

Visit Pebblego and click “Sign In”

Username: engaged
Password: learning

Capstone Interactive eBooks: K-6
Visit and click “Log In”

Username: continue
Password: reading