MassHealth Redeterminations

Starting April 1, 2023, MassHealth will begin the eligibility redetermination process, renewing all 2.3M members over the following 12 months. This will generally be the first-time members are at risk of losing their coverage since February 2020. In preparation for this effort, MassHealth has increased staffing significantly to handle a greater volume of calls and applications, improved our systems to automatically renew as many members’ coverage as possible, and is working in close collaboration with health plans, providers, and other stakeholders. Even with this preparation, we understand this may be difficult for members. We’re asking for your support as part of our outreach strategy. Visit their website or contact Tiffany Bell, HPS Family Engagement Nurse, @ (APPT ONLY). For Spanish call 978-475-5521, for Portuguese email

MassHealth Redeterminations Brochure_Arabic
MassHealth Redeterminations Brochure_Haitian Creole
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MassHealth Redeterminations Brochure_Spanish