Links to the most commonly used employee forms are provided here.
If a form you need is not listed, please contact
Human Resources at 978-374-3411.

Application Packet (Full)
Application FY23
HPS Policy
Annual State & Federal Mandated Training

New Hire ALICE Training
I-9 Form
I-9 Form Instructions
Direct Deposit Form 2022
FY24 Pay Cycle Election Form(Teacher, ESP, Nurse ONLY)

Fingerprinting Process
Fingerprint Acknowledgement
Fingerprint Suitability Request
HPS Emergency Contact Form
Social Security Administration

2023 W4 Form (Federal)
M-4 – State Tax Withholding
State Ethics Commission Training Website
VOYA Beneficiary Form (mandatory for part-time and substitutes)
VOYA Enrollment Form (mandatory for part-time and substitutes)
Race Ethnicity Form
HPS COVID19 Protocols
HPS Written Information Security Program

Benefits Cancellation Form
Health Insurance Opt-Out Form  Must be enrolled for a minimum of 2 years for Opt-Out payment 
Pay Schedule 2022-2023

Change of Information Form
ESP Covering Classes Differential Time Sheet
Professional Conference Form
FY23 Pay Cycle Election Form (Teacher, ESP, Nurse ONLY)
Administrators Personal Day Form
Cafeteria Personal Day Form
Custodian Personal Day Form
ESP Personal Day Form
Non-Unit Personal Day Form
Nurse personal Day form
Secretaries Personal Day Form
Security Specialists Personal Day
Teachers Personal Day Form

Travel reimbursement Form FY23
Course Approval Tuition Reimbursement Teacher FY23
Course Approval Tuition Reimbursement ESP FY23
Course Approval Tuition Reimbursement Secretary FY23

Helpful hint:
How to scan a document and email as a PDF with your phone:

Open the Notes App
Click bottom right to start a new note
Click the camera at the top of the QWERTY board
Hold phone over document and choose Scan Document
It will take a picture…you can adjust the corners…then choose keep document
Take your next pic until capture all documents
Click Save
Click the square with the arrow pointing up to send (top right)
Choose method – text, email, etc.

Android Phone:
Download the full Google Drive app (not the stand alone Sheets, Docs or Slides app)
Navigate to folder where you would like your scan to be saved
In the bottom right hand corner, there’s a floating action button with a (+) sign – Click this
The camera will open, and you’re ready to scan
Crop the image by sliding the blue dots around your document
The (+) button at the bottom of the screen lets you add another scan to the same document
The check mark is to save the document(s) you just scanned
Drive will automatically open the folder where you told it to save and upload it
Send your document in an email