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  • Disciplinary Guidelines G1-6 for Bus Misbehavior

    First Notice: Warning Only
    Second Notice: 1 day denial of bus transportation
    Third Notice: 5 day denial of bus transportation
    Fourth Notice: 20 day denial of bus transportation
    Fifth Notice: Denial of bus transportation for the rest of the school year

    Note: The above penalties maybe assessed for the following violations and such other violations as interfere witht he safe and orderly provision of student bus transportation.

    List of Offenses

    Refusing to obey driver and/or monitor
    Fighting or other assaultive behavior
    Use of profanity
    Lighting matches
    Smoking on the bus
    Throwing objects on/out/at the bus
    Possesion of weapons, alchohol, or drugs
    Use of Alchohol or Drugs
    Hanging out the window

    Special Note: In the case of a particularly serious offense which clearly threatened the safe operation of a school bus and the safety of its occupants, and/or which is a violation of Massachusetts law, the offending student may be assessed a penalty which exceeds that stated guidelines, including, but not limited to, suspension from school.

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