• A Veterans Day message from Superintendent Scully

    In our school offices, in our classrooms, on the streets we where we live … there are many individuals whose lives have been enriched by the notion of service. Often we pass individuals on the street who have artificial limbs or others who may appear to be disconnected in mind or with their demeanor. Maybe they are in that state because they served and suffered.

    They, like so many of our friends and neighbors, may have answered the call to duty.

    Today, across this great nation of ours, we say thank you to the men and women who have interrupted their lives to put on the uniform of one of the branches of our armed services. They made the choice to leave family and friends and go to distant places and foreign lands to work and sacrifice to preserve the notion of freedom. These are the women and men we recognize as our nation pauses to observe Veterans Day.

    I hope those who work with our students in our school system take a moment to talk about the notion of respect and the reasons behind why we pause on the 11th hour, on the 11th day, every year. It’s not just a day off but a time to say thank you. We in the schools should remind students about why, when our flag is raised and honored, we put our hands over our hearts and why men should remove their caps. While it is our responsibility to instill in our students the value of education, we also have the obligation to make those students conscious of  the notion of respect and honor.

    Many of these men and women who have served walk among us. They are usually humble, yet conscious of the sacrifices made by many of those that they have served with. So I ask all of you to join with me in thinking of our veterans and keep their families in our thoughts and prayers as we pause and remember.

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