Transportation Department

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  • Disciplinary Guidelines G7-12 for Bus Misbehavior

    First Notice: 1 day denial of bus transportation
    Second Notice: 5 day denial of bus transportation
    Third Notice: Denial of bus transportation for the rest of the school year

    Note: The above penalties maybe assessed for the following violations and such other violations as interfere witht he safe and orderly provision of student bus transportation.

    List of Offenses

    • Refusing to obey driver and/or monitor
    • Fighting or other assaultive behavior
    • Use of profanity
    • Lighting matches
    • Smoking on the bus
    • Throwing objects on/out/at the bus
    • Possesion of weapons, alchohol, or drugs
    • Use of Alchohol or Drugs
    • Spitting
    • Vandalism
    • Hanging out the window

    Special Note:· In the case of a particularly serious offense which clearly threatened the safe operation of a school bus and the safety of its occupants, and/or which is a violation of Massachusetts law, the offending student may be assessed a penalty which exceeds that stated guidelines, including, but not limited to, suspension from school.

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