Mission: The Mission of The Learning for Life Program is to provide enhanced learning experiences in career development and independent living to transition-aged youth as they move to a post-secondary setting.

The Goals of our services are to:

  • Provide experiences in an age-appropriate and integrated setting.
  • Prepare students for post-high school employment.
  • Increase independent living skills.
  • Increase knowledge and utilization of community resources. 

To meet these goals, The Learning for Life Program will provide qualifying students between the ages of 18-22 a variety of vocational, recreational, social, cultural, and independent living activities and experiences in community settings. Activities may include:

  • Participating in job shadow activities and interest assessments to determine areas of career development.
  • Learning and applying daily living skills, such as money management, grocery shopping, food preparation, and managing personal hygiene.
  • Participating in recreational, fitness, and leisure activities.
  • Participating in community service projects for a better understanding of community resources.
  • Participating in safety and health training.
  • Exercising self-determination skills as they relate to employment and community participation preferences, as well as in communicating with the public.
  • Participating in social skills training.
  • Meeting with guest speakers to learn more about the transition process.


Upon completion, students will have:

  1. Completed the requirements for an HPS Certificate of Attainment, or have met both the state and local requirements for a  diploma. 
  2. Developed and used self-advocacy skills in areas such as accessing employment, arranging social engagements, and choosing a service provider.
  3. Participated in a variety of vocational experiences.
  4. Used community resources, such as shopping centers, banks, and/or libraries.
  5. Participated in and used recreational or leisure centers in the community, and identified local public transportation options within their communities.