Physical Examination is required within one year of school entry and every three to four years, thereafter.

  • Mandated physical examinations and screenings, unless written documentation provided by the student’s primary care provider (M.G.L. c.71, s.57):
  • Physical examinations upon original entry and every three to four years thereafter. (MDPH regulations 105.CMR 200.100)

School immunization requirements must be met for school entry.

  • Requirements vary by age group, and additional vaccinations are required during your child’s school years.
  • Your child’s health care provider or your school nurses will alert you to need for additional vaccinations.
  • See detailed immunization information here.

Lead Screening for Preschool and Kindergarten Entry

The Massachusetts Lead Screening Program requires evidence of Lead Screening for entry into preschool or Kindergarten. (Lead Poisoning Screening regulation)