WOW! We are wrapping up the last few days of the 2023-2024 School Year; this year has flown by! Our students have worked hard over the past year, and now it is time to celebrate their achievements! Over May, we had many end-of-the-year events, including the City-Wide Art Showcase, the City-Wide Civics Project Showcase, and of course, we can’t forget celebrating the Class of 2024 with Prom, Night of Stars, Chapel, Senior Farewell, and Graduation! We are so proud of their accomplishments! We also have many events during the first two weeks of June: promotion ceremonies, family nights at middle schools, junior socials, the 8th Grade Class Trip to D.C., and the last day of school! We know everyone is excited about summer break!

As the last day of school is on June 12, 2024, we want to share The 2024 Summer Reading List on our websites; please take a moment to review it; we have some great suggestions for reading during lazy summer days. If you are still looking for fun activities, check out our Summer Learning Opportunities webpage for a summer learning schedule at HPS. Our community partners at Haverhill Promise, The Haverhill Recreation Department, and The Haverhill Public Library also have some great resources and activities happening in the City over the summer.

Whether you travel on vacation, choose a staycation, or relax and share time with family and friends, we hope you use this time to rejuvenate, discover new hobbies, find an adventure, and continue learning and reading. We wish you warm summer days filled with memories and fun!


Important Dates

June 4, 2024 – 4:30 – 6:00 PM
Celebration of Learning at Moody School

June 4, 2024 – 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Tigermania at Tilton Elementary

June 5, 2024 – 5:00 – 6:30 PM
Consentino Community Night

June 6, 2024 – 5:00 – 6:30 PM
Gateway Academy Graduation

June 7, 2024 – 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Junior Social at Black Swan Country Club

June 11, 2024 – 5:30 PM
Consentino Promotion Ceremony

June 11, 2024 – 6:00 PM
Hunking Promotion Ceremony

June 11, 2024 – 6:00 PM
JG Whittier Promotion Ceremony

June 11, 2024 – 6:00 PM
Nettle Promotion Ceremony

June 12, 2024 
Last Day of School

June 19, 2024

June 25, 2024 – 4:00 – 7:00 PM
Countdown to Kindergarten at Haverhill Public Library

Bradford Elementary

Grade 2 students at Bradford Elementary had a visit by Sergeant Lynch from HPD, Megan Arilvella, HPS District Coach of Health & Wellness, Maureen Irons, HPS Safe & Supportive Schools Liaison, and Jordan from Mass DOT. They learned how to use crosswalks, navigate parking lots, and bus safety. Safe Routes to School will visit Grade 2 students in all elementary schools this month. The Wellness Department will continue this work into next school year to teach students about safe behaviors on the road.

Health & Wellness Department

The Wellness Committee is lucky to have student voices. Meet our newest members for the 2024-2025 school year (Natalie Guice, Sadie Campbell, Nate Wholley, and not pictured: Maeve Crowley & Cadence Arivella). Natalie and Sadie also presented their 8th-grade Civics project, “Social Media & Teens,” to the committee. 

Tilton Elementary School

Congratulations to the winners of the Tilton Elementary Reading Challenge! These students read every night and were entered into a weekly raffle to win a book and a small prize. Mrs. Todd, our reading coach, has been working super hard with all students to encourage reading at home. 

Kindness Matters!

Kindness is flowing through the halls! Jami Dion, Director of Counseling & Student Services, and Meg Arivella, District Coach of Health and Wellness, paired up to bring Connor’s Kindness Project to elementary schools to celebrate Mental Health Month in May. Tilton and Walnut Square 3rd & 4th graders took the pledge and began “Kindness Ambassadors.” Students sang songs, learned how to spread acts of kindness, and were challenged to pay it forward this month. CKP provided books for the libraries, stickers, certificates, and an interactive, lifelong lesson on being kind to others. All elementary schools will benefit from this traveling program.

Career Technical Education

HHS Career Technical Education Information Technology and Computer Science & Web Development Freshmen heard from guest speaker Karen Wittman, Service Delivery Manager at VFC (with brands such as Timberland, VANS, and North Face).  Karen shared her experience working in IT and the challenges and successes of working in customer support.  Thank you, Karen, for sharing your excitement for the industry with our students

Whittier Middle School Civics Showcase

Whittier Middle School kicked off the School-Based Civics showcases last month with some fantastic community-based projects! The variety of topics, ranging from school-based issues to community issues and even state and federal issues, really demonstrates the wide range of topics that are important to our student population. The following projects have been chosen to represent Whittier at the City-Wide Civics Showcase on May 20th:


1) Women’s Health: Layla DeSilva & Khadijah Johnson

2) Clean Drinking Water: Daishaley Fernandez, Rachelis Ozorio, and Angelo Pozuelos

3) School Pay: Roseli Almonte Pascual, Alannah Santiago, and Kahley Smith

4) Sexual Harassment: Emily Marte, Ariah Rushing, Aaliyah Taylor, and Nadyiah Thurber

5) Gender Equality: Diana Lara Santana and Maizy Willis


Congratulations to the winners and to all of the 8th-grade students on a great job at the Whittier Showcase!

Career Technical Education

The HHS CTE Healthcare Occupations program students had the fantastic opportunity to attend a workshop in preparation for becoming a Birthing Doula.  Tara Campbell, owner of Birthing Gently in Haverhill, spent four full days with Seniors and Sophomores.  Students engaged in lessons about childbirth, comfort measures during childbirth, and postpartum mother and baby care. This training allows students to enter a fast-growing healthcare field and helps familiarize them with DONA International, the first and most extensive doula training and certification organization.  Attending this workshop is the first step towards Doula certification!

Multilingual Learners

Multilingual Learners in grades K – 4 had the AMAZING opportunity to visit The Children’s Museum through grant funding through the Yawkey Foundation.   On May 6, 450 students boarded beautiful brand-new buses and headed to Boston. The museum was opened JUST for our students, and The Yawkey Foundation provided transportation and a pizza lunch.  The students had a magical, fantastic day!

Travel to Boston

Career Technical Education

HHS Career Technical Education Healthcare Occupations Freshmen and Biomedical Science  Sophomores attended the Healthcare Career Expo at Parkland Medical Center in Derry.  Parkland professionals welcomed students with opportunities to learn about the individual careers available at the hospital.  Students learned about Respiratory Therapy, Oncology Nursing, Facilities Management and Emergency Medical Technician jobs by engaging in activities that represented technology they may see on the units.  Parkland staff from Bariatric Interventions, Gastroenterology and Surgical Services allowed students to interact with some of the equipment used every day in their departments.  Nurses from the Department of Mental Health Services offered students an opportunity to see for themselves what living with Schizophrenia is really like through an online simulation.  Surgery physician Dr. Donald Yarbrough spoke with students about the different job positions available in a hospital setting as well as the required education for them.  Parkland staff was warm and welcoming to our future healthcare workers!  Thank you Parkland Medical Center for an amazing visit!

Health & Wellness Department

Hunking 4th Grade Kindness Ambassadors are moving into action! Connor’s Kindness Project visited Hunking last week, and the students are putting their ideas to great use! They plan to pass it on and provide outreach to other elementary classrooms by sharing stories, singing the Kindness song, having students take the pledge, and teaching others how to choose the right path. 

Multilingual Learners Department

Haverhill Public Schools Multilingual Department, under the leadership of Heidi Perez, Director of Pre-K-12 Multilingual Learner Education Department, was invited to present at the Spring Federal Grants meeting in Marlborough on the R.I.S.E. program at Haverhill High School. The R.I.S.E. Program focuses on supporting and guiding multilingual learners to integrate into American society successfully.

Career Technical Education

Vicor rolled out the red carpet for the HHS Career Technical Education Engineering/Manufacturing Sophomores!  Students heard from Bob Hall, VP of Materials, Rich Paulauskas, VP of Quality, and John Nguyen, VP of Operations who shared their career paths and spoke of the value of hard work and perseverance.  Finally, Melissa Chamberlain, manufacturing engineer and Britney Grainger, engineering technician shared their experiences working at Vicor prior to leading a tour through the factory floor, which included the recent 95,000 square foot expansion.  Everyone was excited to see the water baths in action!  The day ended with a delicious luncheon and more informal conversations, as well as generous swag bags for all.  Thank you to everyone at Vicor for making this a special learning opportunity for our students!


Career Technical Education

HHS Career Technical Education Healthcare Occupations Juniors participated in the Annual Mock Interview event.  Students practiced their interviewing skills and received valuable feedback.  This will help them be successful as they prepare for college and future internship/employment opportunities.  Special thanks to our business partners – we could not do this day without them!

Megan Arivella, HPS, District Coach of Health and Wellness

Megan Buggea, Whittier Health Network, Human Resource Assistant

Lori Capra, HPS, Business Academy Teacher

Erika Corbett, Whittier Health Network, Clinical Nurse Liaison

Kathy Hudson, NECC, Dean of Health Professions

For more information about HHS CTE Work-Based Learning opportunities, contact Lisa Hunt at

Whittier/Nettle/Pentucket Lake Bands

The Haverhill High School Auditorium was filled with music as the Whittier, Nettle, and Pentucket Lake Bands held their Spring concert! Students entertained the audience with great music they had practiced throughout the year! 

Haverhill High School/Gateway Academy

Haverhill Police Department stopped by HHS this morning to speak with 11th and 12th-grade students from HHS and Gateway about Prom Safety! Sgt. Zachary Phair, Officer Jason Pearl, and SRO Tim Campbell, thank you for reminding our students to stay sober before, during, and after prom!

Career Technical Education

The CTE Biomedical Science Freshmen had a blast with grad students from MIT last week.  They learned about biochemistry and industrial manufacturing as well as biomimicry in scientific research.  The students learned all about polymers and were able to make their own nylon thread.  They also learned the difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence and did some experiments with UV light and glow sticks.  They  discussed the chemical properties of liquid nitrogen and learned about lab safety. They also discussed what real world research is like. They are super excited for chemistry next year!  A big thank you to MIT for coming out to visit with our students.  It was a great experience!

Haverhill High School

Congratulations to Hannah Minnis and Abigail Mejia, Merrimack Valley Superintendents Association Outstanding Students Award recipients! We are #HillieProud 

Career Technical Education

Haverhill High School CVTE Sophomores and Juniors in the Information Technology and Computer Science & Web Development programs had the rare opportunity to tour the Boston Dynamics lab in Waltham.  Students also toured their robot museum and had a demonstration of Spot!  Thank you Boston Dynamics for providing our students with this amazing learning opportunity.  For more information about HHS CTE work-based learning experiences, contact List Hunt at

Haverhill High School Civics Showcase

HHS 10th Grade US History I students participated in their school civics showcase and highlighted important issues for their school and community. Students faced questions from the judges, including our Superintendent, Dr. Marotta; HPS District Leadership (Bonnie Antkowiak, Deb Ibanez, and Heidi Perez); former HHS History Dean Tom Jordan; former HHS and Consentino educator Marilyn Caradonna; current HHS Deans and History Department Staff. Thank you to our judges for listening to the issues that matter most to our high school students!

The following ten projects will represent the High School Division at Monday night’s City-Wide Civics Project Showcase:
1. School Safety: Valery Hileman, Ark Wightman, Anthony Lam, Conner Rizzo
2. Repaving Haverhill Roads: Oliver Aguilo, Allan Rivera, Noah Harrington, Chris Urena
3. School Bus Safety: Olivia Chambers, Joel Gomez, Ava Mueller, Ryan Ivancic, Jade McWhorter
4. Moving Out of the 19th Century: School Start Times: Daksh Patel, Diya Patel, Disha Patel
5. School PA System Upgrade: Elina Sam, Courtney Lynch, Janelisha Ayala
6. HHS Daily Bell Schedule: Ellie Dimopoulos, James Zito, Isabel Teixeira, Ryleigh McGinley
7. School Bathrooms: Aneida Ortega
8. Later School Start Times: Noelia Macario, Amanda Souza, Gerald Taabi, David Mootoo
9. Sidewalk Safety: Nyomi Morales, Ailyn Hernandez Rosario
10. Updating Trinity Stadium Facilities: Connor Damske, Sierra Jepson, Saul Matias Cruz, Davier Semidey

Congratulations to all 10th graders on your projects, and good luck to the showcase winners as they compete again on Monday night! The City-Wide Civics Project Showcase is on Monday at 6 pm at the City Hall Auditorium and is open to the public. Come see these projects and the winning middle school projects!

Haverhill High School MCJROTC

Congratulations to our first Class of 2024 High School Graduate!

We held a ceremony for cadet Major Samuel Harrison on Thursday, May 17, 2024 in the High School Library. Samuel is departing for boot camp at Parris Island in SC to earn the title of United States Marine. Since he was going to miss his high school graduation, we were honored to send him on his way with his HS diploma. We thank Samuel and all of our graduating seniors going into the military, for their service.

Early College Program

Congratulations to our Early College Students! On May 16, 2024, Northern Essex Community College celebrated them at Early College Graduation! We are so proud of these #Hillies!

Consentino Middle School Civics Showcase

The last school-based civics showcase with the Consentino 8th graders presenting their work. There were a lot of amazing projects, covering a wide variety of issues. The decision of the top 5 projects was so difficult that some projects had to be scored 3-4 times in order to determine final rankings. All of the students should be very proud of their work and civic impact.

The following projects will be representing Consentino at the City-Wide Civics Project Showcase:

1. Drugs – Impact on Young Adults: Kyle Alliette, Collin Garrison, Jeremiah Rivera, Michael Smith, and Ayner Estrella Rodriguez

2. Teen Vaping: Gad Ndungi, Madyson Clarke, Avaliz Cruceta Garcia, and Jacob Carter

3. Social Media – Impact on Mental Health: Azumi Rivas Moya, Natalie Chamberland, and Melanie Bravo

4. Double Standards in the Workforce: Kelsey McMahon, Annmarie Smith, and Elsa Gillogly

5. Finance Classes for Middle School: Aleigh Gonzalez and Vianel De Los Santos Suarez

Congratulations to the showcase winners and ALL of the Consentino 8th graders!

Kindergarten Information Night

Last week, we had another Kindergarten Information Night at the Hunking School. Families, along with future Hillies, gathered to find information about Haverhill Public Schools. If you missed this event, don’t worry; our Registration Department will be at various events over the Summer!

First Annual Summer Resource Fair

Thank you to Dr. Jessica Kallin, Director of Haverhill Promise, for organizing the 1st annual Summer Resource Fair. 

Community partners play a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience within a school system, fostering collaboration, resource-sharing, and support for students and Families. Haverhill Public Schools is grateful for the support of our community … we are better together!

Career Technical Education

HHS Career Technical Education students in the Freshman Healthcare Occupations class attended a field trip to the Public Health Museum at Tewksbury State Hospital. Students toured the grounds and learned the history of the State Hospital and its varied uses since inception in 1854.  Students also toured the museum on the grounds and learned about the history of Public Health, Care of individuals with Tuberculosis including an iron lung and its use; and exhibits about the history of the nursing school; Mental Illness and treatment, medications and the AIDs Epidemic.  Volunteer staff and the Museum curator shared much information with the students who were very interested and asked appropriate questions. The staff was warm and welcoming to our future healthcare workers!  For more information about CTE Work-Based Learning, contact Lisa Hunt at

Hunking School Civics Showcase

Hunking Middle School 8th Graders participated in the School Civics Showcase, and the students all did a phenomenal job presenting the wide variety of issues that matter to them. It was a very difficult to decide which projects would move on, but ultimately these following projects have advanced to the City-Wide Showcase on May 20th:

1. Peer Mentoring: J’viel Andino and Joziah Mendez

2. Social Media Effects on Teens: Sadie Campbell and Natalie Guice

3. Period Poverty (Hunking Care Box): Leilana George, Callie Mueller, Bella Salvato, Leah Paradis

4. Critiquing the Curriculum: Ansley Harrison and Ruby Hatch

5. Hey Get off Your Phone: Kayla Katsande, Isabelle Taylor, Katheryn Poulin, Julia Plassman

6. Plastic Waste (Hunking Pure Preserve Team): Lily DiNitto, Brooke Nelson, Ashley McGrath, Reina Kreyling, Madison Roosevelt

Congratulations to the winners and to all of the 8th grade students on a great job at the Hunking Showcase!

2024 Gateway Academy Graduation

Nettle Middle School Civics Showcase

Nettle Middle School held their school civics showcase for 8th graders. The judges were armed with some hard-hitting questions, and all groups rose to the occasion! It was so powerful to see these students so passionate and knowledgeable about their project topics – the judges learned so much today! Like all other showcases, the decision of which projects would advance to the City-Wide Showcase were difficult, but after much deliberation, here are the winners that will represent Nettle on Monday, May 20th at 6pm at the City Hall Auditorium:

1. Stop Drug Abuse and Use – Janelia Ayala, Julianimarie Gonzalez, Kaylyn Richardson, Jayden Gordon
2. Universal Healthcare – Melina Bohanan, Ava Quintal, Abigail Olmo Fernandez, and Karen Hernandez Gomez
3. Abortion Rights – Olivia Fraser and Mackenzie Larose
4. Benefits of Study Hall in Middle School – Ethan Rosario and Joshua Carolan
5. Death Penalty – Jaelyn Furtado, Brianna Boucher, and Aaliyah Rodriguez
Congratulations to the winners and ALL of the Nettle 8th graders for their hard work and presentations at today’s showcase! Please consider attending our City Showcase to see these projects and the other school-based winners!

Career Technical Education

Haverhill High students in the CTE Healthcare Occupations Freshmen classes were excited to have Ella Harris speak with them. Ella is a student leader of the mental health club “Active Minds” at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. She spoke with students about good mental health practices in high school and college.  Freshmen asked questions about student life at UML as well as how to best prepare for college while in high school.  Thank you Ella for sharing your time and experiences with our students!

City-Wide Civics Showcase

Last night at City Hall Auditorium, Haverhill Public Schools hosted the City-Wide Civics Project Showcase! Students, families, and judges toured around the auditorium to visit with students and to view presentations. The City-Wide Showcase featured 8th and 10th Grade students from Haverhill High School, Nettle Middle, Consentino Middle, Whittier Middle, and Hunking School. Winners of individual schools were present at the City-Wide Showcase. Thank you to our Judges: Dr. Margaret Marotta, Superintendent of Haverhill Public Schools, Mayor Melinda Barrett, Bonnie Antkowiak, Dianne Connolly, Deb Ibanez, Susan Hatfield, and Kevin Higginbottom from the HPS Leadership Team. Rich Rosa, Erica Diaz, Mikayla LaLumiere, Yonnie Collins, and Jill Story from the HPS School Committee. Haverhill City Councilors Devin Ferreira, John Michitson, and Catherine Rogers. Massachusetts State Representatives Ryan Hamilton, Sasha Severino, and Nik Orellana (representing Representative Andy Vargas), Massachusetts State Senators Sharoline Galva (representing Senator Payano’s Office), Jane Phillip (representing Senator Finegold’s Office), and Local Stakeholders Dernet Haksever and Lois Hartman. The Winners are….

High School Division:

1st HHS Nyomi Morales, Ailyn Hernandez Rosario – Sidewalk Safety

2nd HHS Daksh Patel, Diya Patel, Disha Patel – Moving Out of the 19th Century: School Start Times

3rd HHS Elina Sam, Courtney Lynch, Janelisha Ayala – School PA System Upgrade

4th HHS Noelia Macario, Amanda Souza, Gerald Taabi, David Mootoo – Later School Start Times

5th HHS Olivia Chambers, Joel Gomez, Ava Mueller, Ryan Ivancic, Jade McWhorter – School Bus Safety

Middle School Division:

1st Ansley Harrison and Ruby Hatch – Critiquing the Curriculum

2nd Lily DiNitto, Brooke Nelson, Ashley McGrath, Reina Kreyling, Madison Roosevelt – Plastic Waste (Hunking Pure Preserve Team)

3rd Leilana George, Callie Mueller, Bella Salvato, Leah Paradis – Period Poverty (Hunking Care Box)

4th Sadie Campbell and Natalie Guice – Social Media Effects on Teens

5th J’viel Andino and Joziah Mendez – Peer Mentoring

These students will move on to the State Championship. Congratulations to all contestants for their dedication to the Civics Project; your hard work and passion showed in the presentations!

Career Technical Education

HHS Sophomores in the CTE PLTW Biomedical Science program had the opportunity to visit New England Biolabs in Ipswich.  Students toured their amazing facility and lab spaces, received a lecture on Bacterial Art from Dr. Mehmet Berkmen and then created their own bacterial art pieces!  Student reaction to their visit: AMAZING!  Thank you to NEB for sharing your time and talent with our students!

Senior Prom 2024

It was a beautiful last night for Senior Prom; the rain even held off for pictures! Students showed up decked out in their best attire among families for a display of extravagance! The Prom was at Castleton in Windham, NH, but students stopped by Bradford Common for families to take pictures. We are sure they had a great time dancing the night away!

Career Technical Education

On Wednesday, our CTE (Career Technical Education) Department had its Class of 2024 Celebration! These students have worked in healthcare occupations, information technology, computer science and web development, PLTW biomedical science, and PLTW engineering. We are incredibly proud of all the hard work these Hillies have put in over the last four years!

Food Service Department

This month’s Harvest of the Month is Seafood! Red’s Best Fish was featured on our menus across the district! Red’s Best core values include supporting our local fishermen who harvest seafood responsibly in the New England waters. They unload the boats for the fisherman and can track when fish were caught, by who, and at what time! So you can scan a code to see where your fish came from upon service! 

Check out the company here and meet some local fishermen who caught our meal this week!

Tilton Elementary School

The Attendance Breakfast at Tilton Elementary was for Mrs. Allard’s Class! Mrs. Allard’s class had the best attendance for April! There was a fantastic turnout and support from our families! We are so proud these Tigers are finishing the year strong!

Haverhill High School

In honor of Memorial Day and our Hometown Heroes, the HHS Wellness Department sponsored a banner for our honorable Veterans, Mr. Michael Downs, Principal of HHS, and Mrs. Lisa Begley, retiring Health teacher. Special thank you to Dr. Margaret Marotta, Superintendent of Haverhill Public Schools; Megan Arivella, District Coach Health & Wellness; Peter Begley, Consentino PE Teacher and Cara LaBelle, Dean of Wellness, First Sergeant David W Grinstead, Sr., Marine Instructor of HHS MCJROTC for participating in the Haverhill Exchange Club Ceremony.

Tilton Elementary School

On Friday, the Playground was filled with Red, White, and Blue at Tilton Elementary for the Memorial Day Concert. The concert was dedicated to Mr. Mark Mech, a Music Teacher at Tilton who passed away a year ago. Mr. Mech’s wife and son, Robert, participated in the ceremony. 

Class of 2024

It was a packed house in the Haverhill High School Auditorium on Thursday evening for Night of Stars! Students and their families witnessed Scholars receiving over $250,000 in Scholarships to help with their post-high school education. These Hillies have worked hard over the last four years, and their dedication was rewarded! We wish them well and can’t wait to see what their future holds! Go Hillies!

Class of 2024

As we countdown the days to Graduation, our Seniors have been busy celebrating the rewards of their hard work! On Friday, May 24, 2024, the Class of 2024 participated in Chapel. Seniors handed down their positions in Student Government to the Junior Class and tied their class ribbons on the Peace Pipe. The highlight was the class gift. The Class of 2024 gifted Haverhill High School a Stadium Seat in honor of Mrs. Jean Ray, Hillie Nation’s #1 Fan! The seat will be installed at Haverhill Stadium this Fall.

City-Wide Art Showcase

Our City-Wide Art Showcase was on May 16, 2024. Haverhill High School was filled with many different art pieces creatively made throughout the year in all grades and schools. Parents and friends had the opportunity to walk through the halls and the displays to witness how genuinely talented our students are! If you missed out, they have created a beautiful video showcasing some pieces, click here to view!

Career Technical Education

So proud of our HHS Career Technical Education students who presented at School Committee last week!  They shared about their work-based learning activities such as job shadow days, internships and industry conferences, which is part of their four-year program.  Haverhill High School offers five CTE programs: Information Technology, Computer Science & Web Development, Healthcare Occupations, PLTW Biomedical Science and PLTW Engineering/Manufacturing.  Find more information at:

HPS at the State Civics Project Showcase

Congratulations to the 8th Grade Students from Hunking and the 10th Grade Students from Haverhill High for participating in the State Civics Project Showcase! We are incredibly proud of these Scholars and their representation of Haverhill Public Schools!

Multilingual Learners

Yesterday, the Multilingual Learner Education (MLE) Department at Haverhill High School had an ACCESS Celebration to recognize high achievement on the State English Language Proficiency Test. Congratulations to these students for working hard to improve their English language skills!!

Haverhill Public Schools 2024 Summer Reading List

Summer provides a wonderful opportunity for students and families to enjoy great books together! The goal of the Haverhill Public School Summer Reading Program is to foster a love of reading. We have a great list of book suggestions on our website!

Class of 2024

The Senior Farewell featuring Tommy Vee’s Comedy Hypnosis Show was full of laughter! Once again, Tommy Vee shared his talents with the class and had 14 volunteers dare to take the challenge to be hypnotized. It was a great night of missing belly buttons, playing instruments, dancing, and even missing recess! Thank you to Tommy Vee for another spectacular show!

Multilingual Learners Department

14 English Learner (ELD) teachers participated in the in-person Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages (MATSOL) Conference, and 10 ELD teachers will participate in the virtual conference next week.

Haverhill Public Schools MLE department offered 3 conference sessions on [specific topics].

Lisa Alonzo and Kristin Strapko delivered “Task Makeovers for ML Students.”
Nicoleta Filimon and Christi Cartwright delivered a presentation on “SLIFE students and effective strategies.”
Martha Parinusso Flynn delivered a presentation on “Portfolio Assessments for MLs.”

In total, there are 1499 participants between the multiple days.

2024 Summer Learning Opportunities

Haverhill Public Schools is committed to helping children learn and grow during the summer months. Traditional summer programs attempt to minimize the learning loss and “summer slide” that comes with missing two months of instruction. Haverhill Public Schools continues to expand its summer offerings, supplementing our traditional academic programs and a variety of hands-on enrichment programs with a strong focus on social/emotional development.

Please see the variety of programs that we offer at no cost to families. Programs start and end on different dates/times and are subject to change. Please feel free to contact your student’s school with any questions. Our summer programs are listed on our website.

Kindergarten Kick-Off Event

Are you ready to celebrate your child’s big step into kindergarten? Join us for an exciting Kick Off Event as we welcome the incoming class of 2024-25! This event is designed to help your child and your family get excited and ready for the school journey ahead.
Get School Ready: Receive a FREE bag of essential items to help your child prepare for kindergarten over the summer. From school supplies to helpful resources, we’ve got you covered!

Meet Your School Community: Connect with principals, teachers, and staff members who are eager to welcome your child into their new school family. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions, get to know the educators, and ease any first-day jitters.

Celebrate with Local Leaders: We’re honored to have Mayor Barrett and other local leaders join us to celebrate this important milestone in your child’s life. Let’s come together as a community to support our youngest learners and their families.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event filled with fun, information, and excitement! Save the date and mark your calendars for June 25th from 4:00-7:00 pm at the Haverhill Public Library. Please RSVP through this link to claim your bag for the event.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!
Haverhill Public Schools
Haverhill Promise
Haverhill Public Library

Nettle Middle School

Nettle Middle School hosted a Multicultural Night! Students, Staff, and Families came together to celebrate their cultures! Check out the video here!

Career Technical Education

HHS CTE Biomedical Science Freshmen were certified in STOP the BLEED by the Lawrence General Hospital Trauma Team!  They practiced applying pressure to wounds, packing wounds, and correctly applying tourniquets and dealing with amputations and impalements.  The students were highly engaged and asked some terrific questions.  Special thanks to Lawrence General Hospital for all their support throughout the years!

Class of 2024

It was a beautiful night for Graduation! The Class of 2024 sat together one last time and then walked the stage to receive their diplomas! We are so proud of these Scholars, they started their high school careers during a worldwide pandemic and ended with many accomplishments and successes! Class of 2024, you are AMAZING! Keep working hard to reach all of your goals, YOU GOT THIS!

Tilton Elementary School

Our Attendance Spring Challenge has come to an end. Shout-out to these students at Tilton Elementary; 75 had PERFECT attendance in May! We are proud of these Tigers for ending the year with excellent attendance!

Career Technical Education

The HHS CTE Biomedical Science team held a career fair last Wednesday with over 20 professionals in attendance representing 19 different careers in the field. Students were able to see how IVs and breathing tubes are inserted into infants, practice wrapping an injured wrist, see how surgical pictures are drawn, practice taking blood pressure and performing CPR, try on police and FBI gear, practice lab techniques including loading a gel and mating mice for research through a special computer program, exploring shells and bones from turtles and other wildlife, play with Pepper the robot, play with Sophia the Therapy Dog and so much more.  It was a great time for all and really got students thinking about which career fields match them best. The possibilities are endless!

Professionals in attendance included:

Deb and Norm Lucier: Nurse/Nurse Practitioner
AnneMarie Aquino: Clinical Nursing Manager, Lowell General Hospital
Elysia Hentschel: Medical Illustration
Sara Johnston: Nursing Student, Sports Medicine
Katharine Johnston: Assistant DA, Hampden County, MA
Officer Eric Mackinnon, Haverhill PD
Special Agents Greg Comcowich and Vivian Barrios, FBI, Boston
Tammy and Richard Havens: Charles River Laboratories, Mammalia Models for Disease Research
Robert Lavallee and  Helma Kuruvilla: Sanofi Corporation, Biologic Drug Manufacturing
Dr. Silvia Delker: UCB Boston, Protein Crystallography in Pharmaceutical Research
Mike Stangar: Senior Clinical Lab Manager for LIfe Sciences, Northeastern University Innovation Campus
Jennifer Dobrodziej: 
Biologist, Accent Therapeutics
Joy Sitnik: Laboratory Manager, Holy Family Hospital
Ashley Stokes: Director of Marine Mammal Conservation, Seacoast Science Center
Kate Sampson: Sea Turtle Stranding and Disentanglement Coordinator for NOAA Fisheries
Melissa Rocha: Veterinary Technician
Sarah Perez: New England Aquarium
Dr. Charlotte Berkes: Department of Biology Chair, Merrimack College
Dr. Ricky Caldwell: Assistive Robotics and Engineering, Merrimack College
The CTE Biomed Team would like to thank these professionals for providing our students with a wealth of exciting information about possible future careers!

8th Grade Class Trip to D.C.

Our 8th-grade students are currently on their trip to D.C. This morning, one student from each middle school at HPS participated in a ceremony at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. The four students accompanied a soldier to lay a wreath from Haverhill Public Schools to honor U.S. veterans and armed forces members while the other students quietly watched. We are incredibly PROUD of this group of students. We believe this is a memory that will last a lifetime! To view the video, click here!



Tilton Elementary School

Tilton Elementary School had its Annual Tiger Mania Event! It was a huge success! Students and families had an evening celebrating the end of the school year. Special thanks to the Haverhill Public Library, Haverhill Police Department, Haverhill Fire Department, Five Daughters Cookies, and everyone else who made this event successful and possible!

Career Technical Education

Hannaly Herrera, a Junior in the CTE Healthcare Occupations program at HHS, presented her project on “The Importance of Maintenance and Cleanliness of an Emergency Department” during the Parkland Medical Center Spring ELO Presentations.  Hannaly participated in the Extended Learning Opportunity during the Spring semester, having an opportunity to intern in the new Plaistow Emergency Room and observe surgeries at Parkland Medical Center in Derry, NH.  Great job Hannaly!  And special thanks to Parkland Medical Center for providing these amazing opportunities to local students!  For more information about Haverhill High School CTE Internship opportunities, contact Helin Nieves at

Haverhill Special Education Parental Advisory Council (SEPAC)

Bradford Elementary School

On Tuesday, May 21st, at Bradford Elementary School, the PTO held their second annual SpringFest! It was a blast with 300+ attendees. The sun was shining, and the smiles were everywhere!

Principal Seibold, Assistant Principal McGrain, PE Teacher Jiminez, and Math Coach Davoli were the night’s highlight, getting dunked repeatedly by students at the Dunk Tank station. Thank you to all those teachers/staff and volunteers who helped make this event so amazing!

Special shout-out to Meg Goodwin for face painting, the Haverhill Fire Department for helping to operate the grills, Darryn DJ Gabby Grooms for the tunes, Taylor Rental for the moon bounce obstacle course (and dunk tank), and The Party Fun for airbrush tattoos and cotton candy!

It was an amazing last PTO event of the year! Thanks for a great 2023-2024! #BES Community

Gateway Academy

It was a beautiful night, and the gym was full at Gateway Academy! Parents, Students, and our local leaders came out to cheer on their new Alumni at the 2024 Gateway Academy Graduation Ceremony! We are incredibly proud of these Grizzlies!

Career Technical Education

HHS students shared their internship experiences with peers, family members, teachers and administrators during the Internship Final Presentation Celebrations.  With so many participating students, the celebrations spanned two afternoons!  Thank you to the many businesses and organizations who support our students!  We could not provide these opportunities without you.  For more information on internship opportunities, contact Helin Nieves at

Discovery Club Summer Program

The Discovery Club Summer Program has some openings for students in Grades 5-8. For more information, visit their webpage.

Summer Vacation Activities

Tilton Elementary School

Students at Tilton Elementary School Love their Book Buddies! Thank you, Haverhill Promise, for a fantastic year of Book Buddies! The students loved receiving and sending letters this school year and enjoyed their end-of-year celebration with Stachys Pizza and Kona Ice!

Silver Hill Elementary School

On Friday, Silver Hill Elementary School students showed their patriotism with a Flag Day Concert! The audience had the opportunity to learn about our country’s flag from George and Martha Washington and other important facts about the United States.

Bradford Elementary School

Bradford Elementary wrapped up the year with a delicious Pizza Fundraiser with La Pizza Di Forno in Haverhill. We loved this fundraiser to promote quality time together with family and friends while partnering with a local business! If other local schools want to do a quick, easy fundraiser, this is it! Reach out to La Pizza Di Forno!

Tilton Elementary School

Tilton held their annual Field Day, which Mrs. Hickey planned. All staff members participated in and ran events. It was a wonderful time, and we had a special visit from HPD and a member of the School Committee! We are sure these Tigers were tired at the end of the day!

Career Technical Education

Students in the HHS CTE Healthcare Occupations Program were invited to tour Hannah Duston Healthcare Center last week.  Freshmen and Sophomores learned about the operations of long term care facilities and the careers represented in these settings. Whittier Health Networks staff welcomed students as they explored the facility and learned more about Recreational Therapy, Transitional Care Units, Social Services and daily life for residents of the center. This is great preparation for these students who have the opportunity to become Certified Nursing Assistants during Junior year.  Thank you to Whittier Health Networks for supporting our students in so many ways!

Gateway Academy

Bethany Home BiCare program celebrated and recognized 17 Gateway students participating in the Bethany Home Be-Care paid internship program. Students earned a certification in CPR, training in workforce development, mentoring, academic credit, and a paycheck. Tayjah Martin shared her pride in having her first job and how her mother and aunt inspired her to follow their path into Health Care.    After completing the program, four students were offered employment and will stay with Bethany Communities. Thank you to Bethany Communities, Alison Hearquist at HP3, and the Gateway Academy for supporting our students through this Community Partnership.

J.G.Whittier Middle School

Our middle schools hosted the 8th Grade Promotion ceremonies and dance. At J.G. Whittier Middle Schools, students dressed in their best attire to receive the certificates of completion while their families looked on. We see a lot of smiles and know they had fun dancing the night away!

A.B. Consentino Middle School

At A.B. Consentino Middle School, they celebrated their 8th Grade students during the promotion ceremony! They also celebrated Ms. Megan Hughes, who received the Consentino Educator of the Year Award! Thank you, Ms. Hughes, for your dedication to A.B. Consentino students!

Golden Hill Elementary School

Golden Hill Elementary had a busy week last week with their Math Fact Fluency Challenge.  Ms. Fahy, Ms. Sanguedolce, and Ms. Ewell worked together to create a fun atmosphere encouraging multiple strategies to compete with Mental Math Facts for grades 2, 3, and 4.  Students and audience members had a great time!

In addition to their Math Fair, students showcased their Math knowledge in fun and various ways for classmates and parents!

Silver Hill Elementary School

Silver Hill Elementary School reached its goal of 10,000 Acts of Kindness between March and the end of the year. In celebration, they had their first Kindness Karnival on Monday, June 10th, and it was an absolute hit! Congrats, Jaguars! It was an excellent reward for your acts of kindness!

Bradford Elementary School

Last week, Principal Seibold dedicated this amazing hand-crafted (by her husband) buddy bench to the Bradford Elementary School community. It is a thoughtful way to promote friendship and kindness for years. So that any child looking for a place to find a friend will have one; even though Mrs. Seibold is almost officially retired, we will continue to be Responsible, Respectful, and Safe. Thank you, Principal Seibold, and congratulations on your retirement!

Junior Social 2024


Haverhill School Committee Approved Meeting Schedule

Thursday, June 13, 2024
Thursday, June 27, 2024
Thursday, July 25, 2024
Thursday, August 8, 2024
Thursday, August 22, 2024

Regular meetings of the School Committee are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month in the Theodore A. Pelosi, Jr. Council Chambers, 4 Summer Street in Haverhill. Citizens of Haverhill who wish to submit items  for a meeting agenda, should email the agenda item to the School Committee Office, Attn: Beverly McGillicuddy, Secretary to the Haverhill School Committee with a copy to both the Superintendent of Schools and the Mayor no later than the seven (7) days  prior to a Committee meeting is held.

For additional information please visit the School Committee Department on our website.

Mayor, Melinda E. Barrett, Chairperson

Attorney Paul Magliocchetti, Vice Chairperson

Ms. Yonnie Collins, Ward 6

Ms. Erica Diaz, Ward 1

Ms. Cheryl Ferguson, Ward 3

Dr. Thomas Grannemann, Ward 7

Mrs. Mikaela Lalumiere, Ward 4

Attorney Richard Rosa, At-Large

Ms. Maura Ryan-Ciardiello, At-Large

Dr. Jill Story, Ward 5

Ms. Gail Sullivan, Ward 2

Mrs. Beverly McGillicuddy, Secretary


Bartlett School & Assessment Center,  Grades K-12.

Bradford Elementary, Grades K-4

Caleb Dustin Hunking, Grades K-8

Consentino Middle School, Grades 5-8

Gateway Academy, Grades 7-12

Golden Hill, Grades K-4

Greenleaf Academy, Grades 5-12

Haverhill High School, Grades 9-12

J.G. Whittier, Grades 5-8

Moody PreSchool, Grades Pre-K – K

Moody PreSchool Ext., Grades Pre-K

Nettle Middle School, Grades 5-8

Pentucket Lake Elementary, Grades K-5

Silver Hill Elementary, Grades K-5

Tilton Elementary, Grades K-3

Walnut Square, Grades Pre-K-2