Weather Update 1-10-22

Good afternoon – 

I am writing this letter as we look forward to several days of extreme cold this week. Please know that at HPS, we check road and weather conditions many times each day and before weather events. While we try to make the best call, it is impossible to determine precise weather conditions hours in advance. We only know how bad the weather will be after the fact. In reality, parents decide every day whether their child will attend school or not. If you choose not to send your child to school during the coming cold snap, we will excuse the absence. However, students will need to make up any missed school work.

Please know that while we plan to have school in the coming days, this is contingent upon the forecast remaining as predicted, the buses operating, and sufficient staffing levels. 

Please make sure your children have dressed appropriately for these cold days. Hats, boots, snow pants, warm jackets, layers, scarves, and gloves or mittens are essential for students to be outside for any time safely. It is important that children not be allowed to leave the house with exposed skin (ears, hands, legs, etc.), as this increases the chance of frostbite in cold weather. Please call your child’s school and speak to your Parent Liaison if you need warm clothing, information, or referrals to agencies that can help brave the cold.

We want all students to be comfortable while enjoying these brisk winter days. As always, we also ask that you stay tuned to weather-related delays.

Thank you

Margaret Marotta EdD

Haverhill Superintendent of Schools