Summer Reading 2021

ELA Department’s Message to Students and Families

Dear Families,

Summer provides a wonderful opportunity for students and families to enjoy great books together! The goal of the Haverhill Public School summer Reading Program is to foster a love of reading. Reading over the summer can also help students to maintain, or even improve their reading skills. In order to meet the needs of each students’ reading skills and interests, the Haverhill Public School Summer Reading lists contain a variety of genres and culturally diverse books at various reading levels. Our lists are identified by grade levels in order to help families choose appropriate books for each child this summer…

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Summer Reading Lists

Note the following Books are ONLY SUGGESTIONS. Please feel free to read any book that interests you. Research has shown that the single greatest factor in predicting reading success is whether a child is read to when young. Please note that the reading level of the suggested books vary. Please read a page of the book to see if it is a good fit for you. Age appropriate Magazines are also acceptable reading material.

Use this URL to find level of books:

Individual Lists Available (Click to Download)

Resources from the Haverhill Public Library

The Haverhill Public Library offers an incredible variety of learning, enrichment, and recreational opportunities to all throughout the summer months. Please see the HPL’s SUMMER LEARNING HUB for lots of fun and educational in-person and at-home activities, as well as the resources below.

HPS/HPL Resources for Families & Teachers

The Haverhill Public Schools and the Haverhill Public Library created a helpful guide for summer: getting a library card, browsing books, classroom collections for teachers, and more. Please see the guide below in multiple languages.

Haverhill Promise

Haverhill Promise is a cross-sector collaborative between schools, non-profits, teachers, parents, health entities, early education providers, and businesses that are interested in playing a role in ensuring that all Haverhill students have the tools necessary to achieve grade level reading by the end of the 3rd grade.

Summer Learning, Resources, & Supports

Haverhill has loads of FREE, high-quality summer learning opportunities for children of all ages. Find a comprehensive list of options on Haverhill Promise’s Summer Learning website!

Literacy Lunches

Literacy Lunches are a drop-in opportunity for Haverhill families to enjoy a free lunch (18 and under) and participate in a fun 1-hour literacy program presented by community partners.

Literacy Lunches take place every Friday at Noon from June 25th through August 27th. Visit this website for a complete schedule.

Please visit the website for Haverhill Promise for more information on these initiatives and more!