Snap Chat Image Update

Dear HPS Community,

Many of you have reached out about a concerning image on Snapchat that has been viewed and shared today by Haverhill students. We notified the Haverhill Police Department of this image as soon as we learned of it yesterday afternoon. HPD, along with police departments in our neighboring communities in the Merrimack Valley, have investigated the image and determined that it did not pertain to HHS, did not originate in Massachusetts, and that there is no reason for concern in the HPS community.

We shared this message last evening with our high school students. However, we understand the rumor is now spreading more widely, therefore we are sharing this email with the broader school community.

We thank our scholars and families who brought this to our attention today. Please continue to reach out with any questions or concerns, and please encourage your scholar to continue to bring any concerns they may have to a trusted adult in our community.


Margaret Marotta, EdD
Superintendent of Schools