STEMscopes (K-8 Students)  

STEMscopes is the online instructional resource that the HPS uses in its K-8 science curriculum.  Students in Grades K-8 can access science readings, simulations, videos, and tasks that have been assigned by their teacher by:

  1. Going to the HPS Launchpad 
  2. Clicking on the STEMscopes icon. 
  3. Signing in using their HPS username & password

STEMscopes integrates with Google Classroom so teachers may be assigning these resources through Classroom especially in Grades 5-8.

FYI, students in Grades 3-8 make extensive use of the online platform.  However, students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 use a blended approach of using paper-based resources and teacher-directed guidance through the online platform; therefore, these youngest students may find navigating the platform challenging. 



PBS Learning Media (K-8 Students).  

PBS LEarning Media brings the “World to Your Classroom” or, in this current case, to your home!  Explore this website for engaging videos, readings and activities in all subject areas: Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Social Studies, English Language Arts and Health & Physical Education!!



ZOOM (Students K-8)

Hosted by PBS Learning Media, Zoom offers great STEAM resources where K-8 students can explore videos and easy to perform hands-on activities in engineering, the sciences, art, nature, and mathematics.  

 (K-12 Students) 

K-8 students in use in their HPS technology classes to learn about coding and computer science.  Students can use their login information to pick up where they last left off. If high school students are interested in coding but have never tried, then this is a great starting place.  




Codecademy (K-12 Students) 

If students want to try an additional site to learn about coding and computer science, Codecademy is another high-quality website.



PhET Interactive Simulations (Grade 4 – 12 Students) 

This website can be explored by grade levels for students in elementary up through university, or by subject areas like physics, biology etc.  Students in Grades 4 – 8 have used some of these simulations in the STEMscopes platform (See above). Students can explore detailed simulations in life and physical sciences.


NASA STEM Engagement (K-12 Students) 

NASA STEM Engagement offers resources for students in K-12 schools as higher education, as well as for educators.  Explore recent videos and activities in the K-4, 5-8 and 9-12 grade bands.  Watch instructional videos, download posters and coloring pages, complete projects and activities.  This website is a great starting point for all things NASA!


NASA SpacePlace (K-5 Students) 

NASA SpacePlace offers videos, activities, crafts and other resources about the Earth, Solar System and the Universe for students in Grades K-8.  Start with the Explore Mars game (it uses similar coding skills as!!!