ABCMouse– Great lessons for Preschool children!

PBSKids – Check out Sid the Science Kid and Wild Kratz for some fun science lesson.  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Mister Rogers are fabulous for social emotional learning support. For letters, sounds, and word recognition take a look at Super Why.

Sesame Street – Sesame Street gives supports for reading, writing, math, and social emotional learning. There’s a list of videos, fun games, and interactive songs to support our Preschool students.

Gonoodle – List website supports our Preschool children with moving!

Letterland Letters Song

Speech and Language

Here are some activities and resources provided by teachers for home learning:

Week 10 Parent Letter
(en espanol)
I Spy Beach
What Will You Bring to the Beach?
What Doesn’t Belong on the Beach?
Read Color Beach
Summer Bingo

Week 8 Parent Letter (en espanol)
S-Blends Bingo

Week 7 Parent Letter – Butterflies
Butterfly Template
 Butterfly Art
Caterpillar Food
SBlend Contrast Pairs
Sequence Butterfly
Snake Game Board SP and STBlends
ST Road Game Board material
Where is the Butterfly?
Wiggle Flap Cards

Week 6 Parent Letter – Caterpillars and Butterflies
Hungry Caterpillar – Multisyllabic Words

Feed the Hungry Caterpillar
Hungry Caterpillar – i-spy
Hungry Caterpillar – Matching

Cloud Sky Parent Letter (en espanol)
S Blends Visuals

Little Cloud Positional Concepts
sk Blends All Positions
Cloud Dough Recipe
Hands-on Cloud Activities – Google Docs

Ponds Frogs  Parent Letter

04/29/2020 –  These Speech and language lessons focus is on RAINBOWS and FLOWERS!
Rainbows Flower Parent Letter 4.29 | en espanol
Rainbow Scavenger-Hunt
Nature Scavanger-Hunt
s-initial-picture-cards roll-a-sound-s-game

Previous Lessons:
Ducks Parent Letter-4.15.20 | en espanol
Maze final-k words
Quack Go Back Game

Language Lesson on EGGS: Language based lesson with yes/no questions, emotions as well as following simple directions and prepositions.

The Eggs Starts to Crack Song: A fun song/game that reviews animals that hatch from an egg and descriptive words.

Egg Game: Two fun games to play at home (with or without plastic eggs)! Kids can play along with the video, and families can watch for ideas of how to play at home!

Fizzy Egg Activity: A science experiment to complete with simple supplies you can find at home: baking soda, vinegar, spoon, baking sheet or large plate, food coloring (optional), egg carton (optional), plastic eggs (optional), towel or paper towels.

Final K and G Articulation Lesson – Articulation lesson to practice K and G in final position.

Find The Eggs
Find the_Animals That Hatch from Eggs

Articulation lesson – Final /g/ and Final /k/

Book Reading of “Bear Wants More” 

Speech and Language Introduction Video – A quick video for parents explaining what speech and language is and how children learn.

WH Questions during Book Reading? – A video for parents providing information on supporting children with WH question development. Book reading of Dear Zoo for parents and kids.   Click here   for Handout

Sorting at Home – A video for parents with ideas for sorting activities at home.  Click here for the PDF Handout

Playing with Playdough – A video for parents with ideas on how to engage with your child while playing with Playdough. Click this link for the corresponding website.

Fun.aspxStrive for 5 – A video for parents of children in the early stages of learning a language that focuses on interacting with your child and responding to their eye contact, gestures, and words. Click here  for PDF Handout

Bear’s New Friend Book Reading:  A reading of Bear’s New Friend for our Moody School Friends!


Teacher Videos