Potential Early Dismissal (Monday, 1/23/2023)

Good evening staff and families

This message is from the Haverhill Public Schools.

We wanted to give you a heads up that given tomorrow’s (Monday, 1/23) weather forecast, there is a POTENTIAL, that we might have to do a 2 hour early release.  Obviously, we will not know until later in the morning, but given that such a release is challenging for particularly elementary families, I wanted to let you know that it might be a possibility tomorrow.  We will let you know by late morning and will only closer school early if absolutely needed for safety. At this point we do not believe we will need to close early, but it is New England and you can never be sure.

The forecast is some snow tonight, then rain all morning, shifting to snow around 11AM, and it could be 3-5 inches in a short amount of time.  It seems like the roads should be okay, but if so much snow comes quickly, we will not risk the safety of our students and staff.