• HPS Transportation: Summer Update

    We hope that students and families have enjoyed their first week of summer break.  

    The Haverhill Public Schools is excited to roll out the early stages of our expansive summer activities next week with Haverhill High School’s “Bridge” and “Credit Recovery & Advancement” programs on Monday, June 28. Please visit the HPS Transportation Department website for important updates about bus stop times and locations, or see the links at the end of this update.

    There are many programs being offered across the district throughout the summer.  Details, times, and locations will be communicated out as they are finalized.  Please continue to check the HPS Transportation Department website for more updates.  We encourage anyone to reach out to us by calling (978) 420-1921 or emailing Transportation@Haverhill-PS.org.

    All dates, times, and schedules are subject to change. We are working quickly to add more buses and stops. Thank you to all from the HPS Transportation Department for your hard work and cooperation.

    The details for the HHS Bridge and Credit Recover & Advancement bus stops are on the HPS Transportation page. Please walk to the bus stop location that is closest to your home.

    Updated 6/28/21 @ 5:55 P.M.

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