HPS TikTok Challenge Information

Dear Haverhill Families and Caregivers,

In recent weeks a TikTok challenge, called the “school bathroom challenge” or the “devious licks challenge”, has become increasing popular across the country as students have returned to school this month.  These challenges involve a user submitting a video to TikTok online platform where students can be seen stealing and destroy school property.  This trend started with tearing bathroom items such as soap and paper towel dispensers off of walls, but has since spread to objects like tiles, computers printers, or and parking signs.  Thefts are referred to as “licks” and are assigned a level of difficulty based on the complexity involved in stealing the item.

Haverhill Public Schools does not support the promotion of activities that glorify or enable destruction of school property.  As always, the health and safety of our students is our top priority.  With that in mind, there will be consequences for any student(s) who participate in these types of activities.  The consequence for involvement in stealing or defacing school property will involve the school resource officer, suspension, Saturday school detention as well as monetary restitution.

We encourage our students to make positive choices and refrain from participating in activities that are reckless and promote the destruction of school property.  Rather than engage in activities that take away from a safe and supportive environment, we ask our students to instead choose kindness and make positive contributions to their school community. Please talk with your student about this disturbing trend.


Thank you all for your continued support,

Margaret Marotta EdD

Superintendent of Schools