Results of feasibility study form basis of public information campaign

In October 2012, the MSBA invited Haverhill to perform a Feasibility Study in preparation for construction of a new Hunking School. This phase of the project began in March 2013 and continued through the end of the year.

Upon presentation to the MSBA of the Feasibility Study results, the city was able to move into the Schematic Design phase, which ended in June with voters’ approval of a debt exclusion to build the new school.

Click here for a slide presentation that summarizes the information gathered during the feasibility study period. This was shown to the Haverhill City Council on September 17, 2013. The council voiced unanimous support of the Hunking project at the end of this presentation.

An engineering study of the Hunking School site was conducted as part of the feasibility process, which focused on the geotechnical aspects of the site. Engineers concluded that the Hunking site is suitable for school construction. Here is the document produced: [wpfilebase tag=file id=40 /]

Superintendent James F. Scully and members of the district administration compiled information from the project team’s feasibility study to begin the process of informing the public about the need for a new school and the findings that indicated the proper location, size and configuration of the proposed new Hunking School.

Here is a recording of a televised presentation by Superintendent Scully: Parent Connection: The Hunking Project