Family Holiday Resource Guide

Family Holiday Resource Guide
Please note gift lists are cross checked

Thanksgiving Food Resources

Thanksgiving Food Basket Distribution:

Community Action Inc. is partnering with United Way this year to host a Thanksgiving food distribution event in Haverhill. Helping local families stock their pantries with food, including holiday meal supplies and all the trimmings.
How to register: Fill out this survey to request assistance
Pick up location: Recipients must pick up their basket in person at the Universalist Unitarian Church, 16 Ashland Street
When: November 19, 2022  9am – 1pm

Salvation Army
Contact: Major Lynnann Rivers at 978-420-4192

Thanksgiving Lunch:
For: Any member of the Great Haverhill Community, no application required
Date: Wednesday, November 23.        Time: 12pm – 2pm
Location: Salvation Army, 395 Main Street
Note: Lunch can be eaten at the Salvation Army or brought home.

Blessing Box
Traditional Thanksgiving side dishes
For: Households of 2 or more
Application Period: October 17 – November 11 during Food Pantry Hours (Monday/Wednesday/Friday between 8:30am – 11:30 am)
Note: If you have not signed up with the Salvation Army before, you will need to bring photo ID, proof of ALL household income, proof of expenses (rent/mortgage, utilities, etc.), proof of address in Haverhill, Bradford, or Groveland.

Liz Murphy Open Hand Pantry : The Open Hand Pantry offers a Thanksgiving meal (first come, first serve) to Haverhill residents who are already registered at their pantry.
Contact: Therese Mohay at

Sacred Hearts Food Pantry: While the food pantry doesn’t have holiday programs, it does continue their regular schedule of being open the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month, giving out bagged groceries from 10 am – 12 pm. They will try to provide extra food and all the fixings for Thanksgiving on November 19, but it depends on suppliers and costs. Any new families that would like to use the pantry are welcome any time the Food Pantry is open, but need to fill out an application on their first visit.
Contact: Marcie Boucher at

Haverhill Meal and Pantry Schedule (year long)
Holiday Gifts
Ozzie’s Kids  2022 Christmas Toy sign Ups
Gifts For: Ages 12 and under
Sign Up: October 8 – 31
How: Contact through Facebook:, or
Must provide: Proof of Haverhill residency (piece of mail showing name and address), ID, the children’s name, age, and gender, and something with the children’s names on it (note from school or doctor, ect.).

If you miss the deadline, please contact Ozzie’s Kids to be placed on a waiting list.

Salvation Army
Christmas gifts for ages: 13-18
Application Period: October & November during Monday Food Pantry hours 8:30am-11:30am. If you have not previously signed up with the Salvation Army, you will need to bring a photo ID, proof of address, and one item with the child’s birthdate (shot record/medical form, school record, DTA paperwork, birth certificate).
Contact: Major Lynnann Rivers at 978-420-4192


The YMCA giving tree is offered to people with DCF involvement and homeless families that attend the YMCA. The YMCA also includes people in need of food for the holidays that attend YMCA programs. Families get a family game and food for a holiday meal. Names are usually collected from the beginning of November to the Friday before Thanksgiving.
Ages:  birth to 13 years old
Contact: Kathy Bennett by emailing her at

St. James Church : The Santa Helper’s Program is for Haverhill residents who are 0-12 years old. Lists are cross checked with other programs. Registration forms can be picked up at St. James Church after masses, at the Rectory, or at the Liz Murphy Open Hand Pantry. Intake starts October 29.
Contact: Therese Mohay at

Globe Santa

Follow these steps to request holiday gifts for children aged 12 or younger who live in the Globe Santa’s delivery area. Please call Globe Santa at 617-929-2002 if you have any questions.

  1. Tell your story. Write a letter to Globe Santa describing your situation or telling why you’re seeking holiday gifts for your children. Do not include a wish list or gift ideas.
  2. Finish your forms. Complete and sign your Holiday Gift Verification Form from the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) or another approved agency. (See below) Globe Santa does not accept family letters without a holiday gift verification form.
  3. Check envelope contents. Before you send your request, confirm your family letter and verification form are included in the envelope. Letters received without a verification form cannot be processed!
  4. Mail your request. Send your letter and completed verification form to the following address by November 5th:

Globe Santa

39B Teed Drive

Randolph, MA 02368-4201

About DTA Holiday Gift Verification Forms

  • DTA families who live in our coverage area and have children 12 years old or younger can submit a Holiday Gift Verification Form to Globe Santa. If you have not received your verification form, contact the DTA at (877) 382-2363.
  • Your Holiday Gift Verification Form must include your current address and a complete list of the eligible children in your household. 
  • If the Holiday Gift Verification Form is not correct, you must notify DTA in one of the following ways:
    1. Best way: Update your information using DTA Connect. Print the screen from DTA Connect that shows your updated address or additional children. Mail this printed page along with your completed Holiday Gift Verification Form that includes your letter on back.
    2. Another way: Visit your local DTA office to update your information and request a new Holiday Gift Verification Form. Mail this updated Holiday Gift Verification Form that includes your letter on back.

About agency verification forms (non-DTA)

  • If your family does not receive DTA assistance, but does receive services from another registered Globe Santa agency, you can still request gift assistance. Your agency must have personal knowledge or official records for your family.
  • Your agency contact will complete and sign the verification form as a sponsor for your family.
  • Your form includes your current address and lists all eligible children in your household. Verify this information, but do not cross out or write in edits. If you need to edit information about your address or children, contact your agency.

Gazette Santa  Gift cards for: Ages 18 and under More Information Coming