PBS Learning Media (K-8 Students)

PBS Learning Media brings the “World to Your Classroom” or, in this current case, to your home!  Explore this website for engaging videos, readings and activities in all subject areas: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Health & Physical Education!!  Have fun while reading and writing!

ReadWriteThink Activities

ReadWriteThink offers a multitude of activities for students to work on independently and with parents.  For example:  There are Activities and Projects for Grades K -2; Games and Tools for Grades K – 12; Podcasts to help with finding “just the right book” and some suggestions for interesting books for Grades K – 5.  Have fun!

Brain Pop for ELA

Brain Pop offers various Units and Topics in the following areas:  Famous Authors, Grammar, Writing and Reading and Study Skills.

Brain Pop Jr.

Brain Pop Jr. brings ELA to life!  This site is for younger learners – ages 5 – 9.  Keep the sound button on and hear the words read aloud.  This is a great way to have fun while reading, writing, speaking and listening.  J

Breakout – Fun at Home

This is a great website that offers educational games for all ages in all content areas.  It is interactive and parents can play along with their child/ren.  Have fun!

Online Crossword Puzzles for All Grades

This website offers online crossword puzzles with answers for all grades!  See how many you can solve without looking at the answers.  There are also other educational games on this site.  Have fun!