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  • Social Studies

    Social Studies & History program in the Haverhill Publics Schools provides student with an in-depth learning experience of the course of human events.  At the elementary level, students are introduced to their community, learn to develop their role in society and begin to discover the world in which they live.  In middle school and high school, the students immerse themselves in the stories of our time using the lessons of the past to learn how it impacts the present and inform their decision-making in the future.  The course of study covers the histories of the World and the United States.

    Curriculum Maps: The curriculum maps for the social studies and history can be found in the curriculum section of the Haverhill Public Schools website under social studies and history.  For each grade and content area, one can find the scope and sequence of study.  Maps are currently being revised to incorporate the 2018 Massachusetts History and Social Science Framework.

    Elementary: Students have a wide variety of social studies experiences from Kindergarten to the 5th grade including participation in history programs, field trips to museums, and guest speakers. Study includes local and Massachusetts History, early colonial America through the American Revolution and important historical figures.  Activities and celebrations are held to remember historical events during the calendar year such as Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, MLK Day and Black History month.

    Middle: Students take the following history courses at the middle school level.

    • Grade 6: World Geography is an in-depth study of the continents, countries, and bodies of water of our world including the study of maps, atlases, and topographical information.
    • Grade 7: Ancient Civilization is a survey of major events from the Origins of Man through the Greek and Roman Empires.
    • Grade 8: United States History I is a survey study and analysis of major events from the Age of Discovery of the New World to Reconstruction in the United States after the Civil War.

    High School: Students take the following required courses at the high school level and have the opportunity to take a variety of history and social science courses as electives with the options of honors and Advanced Placement level. Please refer to the high school program of studies for further information.

    • Grade 9: World History I is a survey study and analysis of major events from the Origins of Man to the Age of Discovery.
    • Grade 10: World History II is a survey study and analysis of major events from the Renaissance to the Present.
    • Grade 11: United States History II is a survey study and analysis of major events from the Industrial Revolution to the Present. This is a graduation requirement.  Advanced Placement US History fulfills the requirement.

    History Programs:

    Visit or call 617-426-1812 for more information.

    Walk the Freedom trail in Boston. Check out for more information.

    Experience the Mills in Lowell. Visit the Boot Cotton Mills at the Tsongas Industrial Historical Center.  Check out for more information.

    School Year:
    Living Wax Museum at Bradford Elementary School
    Memorial Day Programs across the District

    Check out the website or look out for information from your child’s school.

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