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    Haverhill Public Schools Opening Plan 2020-2021

    Protocols for responding to COVID-19 scenarios in school, on the bus, or in community settings

    Survey Results

    Here are the results from the latest surveys.  Haverhill Public Schools will use the results to assist in planning for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

    HPS Return to School Survey 2020  (En español)

    HPS Remote Learning Survey sent out June 2020  (En español)

    HPS Staff Remote Learning Survey sent out June 2020

    Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) guidelines may change after this survey. To find the latest up to date information, please visit DESE’s website. http://www.doe.mass.edu/covid19/



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    HPS District Home Learning:

    Click here for resources that can be used for HPS district home learning 

    Haverhill Community Resources:

    Click here for Haverhill Community Resources and Information – updated regularly

    March 28 Letter to Families Regarding Remote Learning

    This communication was sent to families following the second week of school closure due to COVID-19. Read the full letter here: Letter From the Superintendent – 03-28-2020

    HPS Grading Information during COVID closure:

    Please follow this link for information on HPS Grading Information during the extended closure

    Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Related to COVID-19

    Haverhill Public Schools and the Haverhill Education Association reached an agreement to “address issues pertaining to the closure of schools caused by the COVID-19 pandemic” as they “agree that the highest priority is to support the motional and physical health of students, parents, and educators.” Read the full document here: MOU Related to COVID-19

    Other HPS Information:

    Food Support for Students: We have worked with food services to develop essential services for students experiencing food scarcity and food insecurity to have access to food stations (during this closure) that will comply with social isolation expectations but still allow kids to eat.  We are committed to providing access to the nutrition our students need during this extended emergency districtwide closure. We will be offering meals for pick up at 4 sites. We will run them daily from 11:00 am. – 1:00 pm beginning Monday March 16.  We The locations are:

    • Consentino School  – 685 Washington Street
    • Nettle School – 150 Boardman Street
    • YMCA – 81 Winter Street
    • Boys and Girls Club – 55 Emerson Street

    All children of Haverhill (age 1 – graduation) – regardless of the school attended (HPS, Hillview Montessori, Whittier Vocational Technical, Sacred Heart etc.) will be served.  Each child may take a lunch and a grab and go breakfast for the following morning each day. For the most up to date information visit the district website, haverhill-ps.org

    In addition, please note Comcast is taking immediate steps to help connect more low-income families to the Internet at home. Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, new Internet Essentials customers will receive two free months of Internet service. After your first two free months expire, you can either cancel the service (which you can do at any time) or keep it as a regular paying Internet Essentials customer. You will receive an easy to use self-install-kit that includes a cable modem (to receive service at your home) with a WiFi router (to connect your devices without wires). There is no term contract or credit check and no shipping fee for equipment. https://www.internetessentials.com/covid19

    How to Talk to Children about the Coronavirus

    Support for Children in Understanding COVID-19

    Talking to Teens/Tweens about Coronavirus

    **Here is a pamphlet from the article

    A Comic Created from NPR Based on Interviews with Experts

    The NASP released a resource for parents:


    Please know that we have provided guidance below for residents, families and students, and staff to help in practicing social isolating, monitoring symptoms, and avoiding typical student events and large gatherings during this two-week period.  The intent is to isolate and therein calm the spread of the virus. If you do not assist us in this manner, we may be staying out of school for no effective result. This is a public health strategy to reduce community illness, and please take our requests seriously.

    Community Health & Prevention: When a new illness is circulating, it’s natural for people to ask what they can do to protect themselves and their families. For our community health actions to be effective, we need all community members to do their part by staying at home as much as possible during the school closure. Our best prevention guidance is:

    • Practice social isolation—only leaving home as necessary.
    • Avoid large social gatherings.
    • Cover coughs/sneezes with tissues, or cough/sneeze into the inner elbow.
    • Practice proper hand washing with soap and water, as often as possible. Use warm water, with soap, scrub for 20 seconds, rinse and dry.
    • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers ONLY if soap and water are not available.

    What We Know About COVID-19: The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a strain that is part of a large family of coronaviruses that usually cause mild respiratory illnesses, such as the ‘common cold’. COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new coronavirus that was not previously identified in humans before December 2019.

    Quarantine and Isolation: Patients with COVID-19 have had mild to severe respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath. It can take between 2 to 14 days after a person gets the virus in their body to become (outwardly) ill.

    If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, and develop a fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider immediately. Your healthcare provider can assess whether a test for COVID-19 is required. Depending on your contact and/or travel history, you will be asked to stay home for 14 days from the time you had contact with a positive or presumptive positive person.

    During the isolation period, you should not have visitors in the location where you are isolating. If you must share living quarters with another person, then that person will be subject to quarantine as well. As noted above, we are asking students not to congregate and to remain as isolated as possible within their families as they can so assist in slowing the virus spread.

     Plan for Parents/Guardians that need to pick up daily medication: We recognize that some families may need to pick up their child’s daily medications to assure consistency in dosing.  There will be a school nurse available at your child’s school from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday if you would like to come in and pick up the daily medication.  Many of you have already communicated with your school nurse and made a plan.

    We will plan to give you the remainder of this medication, in the event, the dismissal is longer than the two weeks (reminder that we only keep up to 30 days on hand). Please understand that we can only return the medication to a parent/guardian or trusted adult, and will not be handing off medications to children. We ask that you leave “as needed medications” such as Epi-pens, inhalers, etc., for now, if you do not need them currently, so we are sure to have them on hand when school reopens.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to your school nurse, or Katie Vozeolas, Director of Health and Nursing Services (kvozeolas@haverhill-ps.org).

    Follow-up and Next Steps: This is an unprecedented public health situation that is rapidly changing. We hope that if we all work together, we can reduce the spread of this virus, protect our most vulnerable residents, and resume normal activities shortly.

    I thank you all in advance for your patience and cooperation. I thank our community partners for their support in these unprecedented times.

    Please follow this link to information on Supportive Home Learning Resources

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