• Welcome Back Letter from Superintendent Marotta

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! As we look forward to having children back in our buildings this coming Monday in our phase in approach, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support, patience and dedication over the past weeks and months. While the start of this school year may look different from any we have ever experienced before, the sense of anticipation and excitement hasn’t changed. I felt it this week as I walked through buildings, greeting staff and watching the launch of remote learning. The excitement and eagerness of our students and staff was palpable.

    As we get ready to embark on this journey into our new hybrid environment, feeling some trepidation is understandable. As a district, we are committed to walking this path in partnership with you. We have amazing administrators, and we are all focused on reaching a common destination: the very best possible education for every single one of our students.   

    To the over 250 faculty members, who joined us in Reopening 2020 planning this summer, THANK YOU for your commitment to our professional growth. In addition to those paid to support our work this summer, so many teachers have spent the past weeks voluntarily participating in webinars, reading educational blogs, researching best practices in remote instruction, swapping ideas with other teachers, and so much more. You are devoted to giving our students your best, and I am confident that they are in good hands.

    In addition, to our families: I am so grateful for you as we launch this new school year. Our community is fortunate to have parents and guardians who are as involved and deeply committed to their children’s education. Thank you for your patience and support, and for entrusting your children to us.  Please know that our first days of school will be focused on establishing a sense of community and connection. Our students are the reason we do what we do, and we have missed them greatly. We will work together to assure that our students have the social, emotional, and mental health supports needed for continued success.

    This is an exciting time to be in education, full of new opportunities and learning for all of us. I am looking forward to a year when we all rise to this most unusual occasion to provide those things that are best for our students.


    Margaret Marotta Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools

  • HPS Remote School Committee Meeting 9-3-2020 Recording

    Click here to open in a new tab 9-3-2020 HPS Remote School Committee Recording

  • Welcome to the back-to-school Health and Safety edition of Haverhill Public Schools Education Update

    Welcome to the back-to-school Health and Safety edition of Haverhill Public Schools Education Update. Across the school year, we will continue to offer regular video updates for the community. Our goal is to keep everyone informed of changes in our schools and of our efforts to provide all students in Haverhill an excellent education regardless of the location of their learning. This week’s video features:

    Frequently Asked Questions: School Health and Safety in the Age of Covid with Katie Vozeolas HPS Director of Health Services

    To access the video, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF40bCJ4sBI&feature=youtu.be

    Thank you for your continued outpouring of support and suggestions during this difficult time.

    Margaret Marotta EdD

    Superintendent of Schools

  • Haverhill Public Schools Education Video Update

    Welcome to the second summer edition of Haverhill Public Schools Education Update. In efforts to keep the community informed about  Haverhill’s current remote learning work and our plans to assure that all students receive an excellent education regardless of the  location of their learning, we are  posting HPS  Educational Updates. The videos feature a variety of HPS staff discussing topics of concern and plans for moving forward with educating our children in the age of COVID 19. This week’s video is hosted by Bonnie Antkowiak, Chief of Teaching, Learning & Leading, with featured topics including:

    0:01     K – 8 Learning Model: Parent Options Mrs. Rubera Remote Learning Academy Director
    7:45     HHS Learning Model: Parent Options Mr. Burns HHS Principal
    10:12   Frequently Asked Questions Dr. Marotta Superintendent of Schools

    We will be periodically sending out updates over the summer, so please watch your email! To access the video, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JwNBYvKaaU&feature=youtu.be 

    To access the video with Spanish translation using the same link,  look at the SAVE button and you will see three dots … click on the three dots (•••), Select “Open Transcript” You will see ENGLISH with a downward facing triangle – click on the triangle and pick SPANISH and you should be all set.

    Thank you for your continued outpouring of support and suggestions during this difficult time.

    Margaret Marotta

    Superintendent of Schools

  • Haverhill Public School Opening Plan 2020-2021

    HPS Opening Plan – English

    HPS Opening Plan – Spanish

    Dear Families,

    We are living in a stressful and confusing time, and the ritual of back to school seems to have set the country in a tail-spin. Each school system is looking at their community health data, organizational capacity and community preferences to determine the best course of action for the coming school year. For Haverhill the key to a successful return to school seems to be rooted in family choice. We recognize that some families do not feel comfortable sending their children to school at this time regardless of the safety measures in place. Other families are overwhelmed by financial burdens and the pressure of returning to work, still others feel that the structure, routine and socialization of in-person learning is imperative for their child’s health and learning.

    As such, we have designed our return to school models with parent choice and student need in mind. All models operate with a shared set of instructional principles, each is free to families, and every child will be provided a chrome-book to support their learning. Our re-opening models include the choice of :

    Hybrid Learning Model: students will attend in-person schooling 2 days per week either Monday/Tuesday (cohort A)  or Thursday/Friday (cohort B) and receive remote instruction on the opposite days and Wednesday. We will make every attempt to support parent choice of cohort A or B and to place siblings into the same cohorts.

    Remote Learning Model: Students will opt-in to on-line instruction (remote learning) provided by Haverhill Public Schools.  Remote learning will follow the calendar and school day expectations of HPS.

    For children with special learning needs there will be an additional model which student will be invited to join by their school:

    High Needs Intensive Instruction Model: students in substantially separate special education classrooms and Level 1 and 2 English Language Learners (EL) will be invited to attend in-person school four days per week with Wednesday as a remote day. We will gradually and safely expand the intensive instruction model to more students.

    The situation is clearly in flux and changes will continue to occur, however, as we edge closer to the opening of school it is important that we have accurate data about the wants and needs of our families and staff.  We ask all families to complete this brief back-to-school preference survey (Survey Closed). Our hope is to have 100% response rate from our families and will be following up with those we do not reach by phone and other methods.

    Our goal will be to determine which children will attend in-person learning and which will attend remote. This data is imperative in order to properly plan for the opening of school. If 60% or more of our students chose a remote learning option, we will likely not require a hybrid model and those students that prefer in-person learning will be invited to attend four days per week with a remote day on Wednesday, Families that do not respond to the survey will be placed in a hybrid learning cohort.

    HPS reopening models include contingency plans for a number of scenarios. If we see a community spike in cases of COVID-19, we will work with our local and state health officials to consider recommending that we close schools to in-person learning for a period of time. For more details on the reopening models, including safety, health, transportation, sanitizing, special education, English Learner services, Moody preschool, and more please review our most updated Haverhill Public Schools Reopening Plan.

    Finally, the HPS student school year will begin on September 16, 2020. This is a Wednesday and a remote learning day; your school will be in touch with more details. We will begin to phase in our in-person learning beginning on September 17, 2020, and all students that wish to begin in-person learning will do so no later than October 19, 2020.

    We thank you for your investment in your child’s education and your support of our schools.

    Be well,

    Margaret Marotta EdD

    Superintendent of Schools

  • HPS School Committee Reopening Meeting – Monday, August 10th, 2020 Public Comment

    Monday’s School Committee meeting on the reopening plans of Haverhill Public Schools will be at City Hall Council Chambers and will have in-person public comment available starting at 7 pm. Please arrive early and follow proper and recommended social distancing practices. A mask will be required while in City Hall. An overflow area in the Auditorium will be available to watch and wait for public comment. If you would like to participate in public comment remotely, please use this Remote Public Comment Request Form.

    To watch the meeting live you can use this link HCTV CH 9 Live Feed or watch on Comcast Channel 9

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