• U.S. Department of State Visits Haverhill High School Government Class

    On March 8th, Special Agent Clifton Jeffery of the U.S. State Department visited the HHS AP U.S. Government class. S.A. Jeffery is currently on a two-year assignment in Boston after serving in Iraq, Pakistan, Botswana and several other countries over the last ten years.

    In class, S.A. Jeffery discussed the many responsibilities undertaken by our nation’s State Department throughout the world. He also explained how the compartmentalized-nature of the State Department’s organization was devised to establish a stable and effective U.S. presence in the world.  

    S.A. Jeffery also took time to discuss the many job opportunities that exist within the State Department community. Bryana Michitson, a senior, said afterwards, “He gave us a lot more insight about how the State Department works, and all the different types of professions within the State Department. His visit interested me so much, I now would like to become a political officer within the state department in the future.” Aiden Wertz, another senior, thought S.A. Jeffery was “insightful and inspiring”.

    S.A. Jeffery was one of several guest speakers who have visited the AP U.S. Government class, with the goal of educating today’s students on the career opportunities within out government.  One week earlier, Agent Jay White, a retired FBI agent, gave a similar presentation to the class.

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