• Updated with Photos: Hunking School Project Reached Exciting Milestone Tuesday

    If you notice an American flag flying high over the area just behind the Bradford Fire Station, don’t worry … you haven’t missed a patriotic holiday. The flag is part of a construction tradition called Topping Off, and it happened Tuesday, October 13 at the Hunking School project.

    Topping Off marks the point in a construction project when the steel frame of the building is complete. The tradition is a celebration by the steelworkers on a project noting the end of their part in the project.

    Most of the time, the workers place a flag on the highest point of the building. But around the holidays, sometimes a Christmas tree replaces the traditional flag.

    It also marks a transition point for the project. As one team of workers finishes and moves off-site, a new groups arrive to begin the next steps, which include closing up the shell of the building and beginning to install the interior finishings.

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