• HHS 2014 class president earns national Model UN post

    Tess Frieswick speaks during a Haverhill Rotary Club meeting. (Photo courtesy of Haverhill Rotary Club)

    Tess Frieswick speaks during a Haverhill Rotary Club meeting. (Photo courtesy of Haverhill Rotary Club)

    Two years after graduation, Class President Tess Frieswick (HHS 2014) is still making her hometown proud.

    The National High School Model United Nations program selected Frieswick to serve as Under-Secretary General of the Special Committees at next year’s conferences at the United Nations in New York City.

    “She will be in charge of hundreds of students from around the country and around the world in special Model UN committees such as Security Council, WHO and more,” said HHS international relations teacher Zachary Simmons, adviser to the school’s Model UN team.

    A sophomore at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., Frieswick had to apply for the position, Simmons explained.

    “The International Model United Nations Association, which runs the National High School Model UN, must have been very impressed with (Frieswick) to give her such a large responsibility,” Simmons said. “That’s huge!”

    From left are Hans Gieskes, honorary consul for the Netherlands; Ryan Dekeon, head delegate for Model UN; teacher Zachary N. Simmons, Model UN adviser; Andrew Morphill, Model UN delegate; Alejandro Lopez, head delegate for HillieMUN (the upcoming Middle School Model UN at HHS); and Rashaun Martin, district curriculum supervisor for Social Studies/History and Foreign Languages.

    HHS Model UN 2014: From left are Hans Gieskes, honorary consul for the Netherlands; student delegate Ryan  Dekeon; teacher Zachary N. Simmons; student delegate Andrew Morphill; student delegate Alejandro Lopez; and Rashaun Martin, district curriculum supervisor for Social Studies/History and Foreign Languages.

    Frieswick is not the first former HHS Model UN team member to move on to a leadership position.

    HHS graduate Alejandro Lopez, who studies at University of Massachusetts Lowell, was chairman of the NATO Committee at a recent regional High School Model UN conference at UML, where HHS finished third of 10 participating high schools.




  • UPDATE: Hunking, Bradford Elementary teams win Academic Bowl finale

    The Junior Division Academic Bowl team from Hunking Middle and Bradford Elementary won its final match against Consentino/Silver Hill on Thursday, running the table on the regular season and tournament and finishing on a nine-match winning streak.

    The team from Hunking also won the senior division, beating St. Joseph.

    Thanks to all who attended any of the Academic Bowl matches during the season. The students and staff members who participate appreciate your support.

    Results of the preceding matches follow.

    Here are the semi-final scores (winner in bold):

    Junior Division

    Match 1

    Consentino/Silver Hill – 255
    Whittier – 160

    Match 2

    Hunking/Bradford El. – 225
    Sacred Heart – 155

    Senior Division

    Match 1

    Hunking – 145
    Nettle – 140

    Match 2

    St. Joseph – 120
    Sacred Heart – 75

    Here are the quarter-final results (winners are in bold):

    Junior Division

    Match 1

    Consentino/Silver Hill: 255
    St. Joseph: 165

    Match 2

    Nettle: 145
    Sacred Heart: 270

    Senior Division

    Match 1

    Hunking: 195
    Hillview: 90

    Match 2

    Whittier: 140
    Sacred Heart: 200

    Here are the season-ending standings:

    Junior Division

    1. Hunking/Bradford El. 6-0

    2. Whittier 4-2

    3. Consentino/Silver Hill 3-2-1

    4. Sacred Hearts 3-3

    5. Nettle 2-3-1

    6. St. Joseph 2-4

    7. Hillview 0-6

    Senior Division

    1. St. Joseph 5-1

    2. Nettle 4-2 (1170 total points)

    3. Hunking 4-2 (1080 total points)

    4. Sacred Hearts 4-2 (1075 total points)

    5. Whittier 2-4

    6. Consentino 1-5 (830 total points)

    7. Hillview 1-5 (690 total points)

  • Substance Abuse and the Adolescent Brain: A series of presentations for parents

    A message from Superintendent James F. Scully:

    Great things are happening in the Haverhill Public School system.

    Five of our schools are now at state accountability Level 1, the highest distinction in the commonwealth’s ranking system. There are no schools at Levels 4 and 5, which signify a “failing” school in need of state intervention. Four years ago, we didn’t have any schools at level 1 or 2.

    Our sports teams and athletes continue to find great success on the fields.

    Our students are being accepted to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country.

    While we relish these accomplishments, we also recognize the hard work and difficult challenges that we still face.

    One of the most significant of these is the opioid crisis and the challenges associated with it. To help families understand how this crisis sneaks into the very fabric of a family, the Haverhill Public Schools will be offering a series of workshops on “Substance Abuse and the Adolescent Brain.”  The first of these presentations will take place on January 27 at 6 p.m. at J.G. Whittier Middle School. A team comprised of educators and healthcare professionals will guide these presentations and discussions.

    Some things you may not know:

    • Every other year, in cooperation with the Northeast Health Resources, we survey our students anonymously at the high school level on issues related to suicide, illegal drug use and alcohol consumption. The results of this survey were publicly presented at a school committee meeting in October 2015.
    • The responses from the students in Haverhill indicate that the number of students who used or experimented with illegal drugs and alcohol exceeds the state average.
    • Our numbers have continued to increase significantly over the past two years.
    • On a positive note, cigarette usage among our students is down since 2013.

    I, like you, when I read these statistics was shocked. This is the reason for my letter and the impetus for these workshops “Substance Use & the Adolescent Brain.

    While we all relish the successes of our students, the challenges that youngsters face today are greater than ever. Peer pressure and the availability of drugs and prescription medications are in my words, out of control. Often we find out about the tragedies way too late.  Children in Haverhill and in communities across the Commonwealth are at a crossroad and frequently we are not there to provide the direction needed.

    As the Superintendent of Schools I strongly urge you, even though you feel that your child may not be at a crossroad, to become knowledgeable of the challenges that so many face.

    On the attached flyer you can see the dates of these events at various schools. We will be sending out reminders, but please take a moment to reflect on the information that I have sent you today.

    On behalf of everyone in the Haverhill Public Schools I want to wish you a very Happy New Year.


  • Schools get in Halloween spirit

    Jack O Lantern

    Haverhill’s schools are in the Halloween spirit. In addition to holiday-themed dances at the middle schools, Halloween activities are planned in many of the city’s schools on Friday, October 30.

    This is a special year for Haverhill youngsters, who, like their friends in other communities, will trick-or-treat on the actual holiday. Haverhill for years has followed a rule that schedules trick-or-treating on the last Saturday of October.

    This year, Halloween actually falls on Saturday, October 31. Haverhill trick-or-treat hours are from 5 to 7 p.m. Households participating in trick-or-treat are asked to turn a porch light on to indicate that children are welcome to knock on the door.

    School officials urge parents and students to take precautions to stay safe while having fun Saturday while trick-or-treating. School Nursing Supervisor Kate Vozeolas suggests these ideas:

    • Wear light-colored costumes that fit well, are flame-resistant and won’t trip young trick-or-treaters
    • Use face paint rather than masks, which can obstruct children’s vision
    • Go trick-or-treating with an adult if you’re 12 or younger and practice safe street-crossing
    • Don’t eat any treats until parents or guardians check that it’s safe
    • Don’t enter a stranger’s home or car

    Here are some of the school activities planned on Friday:

    Bradford Elementary: Students are encouraged to wear orange and black.

    Greenleaf: It’s wacky hair day on Friday. The school’s second annual Spooktacular will take place at 5 p.m. on the playground. Students are invited to wear their costumes. Parents or guardians must accompany their children.

    Nettle: Students who have collected four Nettle Notes (given to students caught exhibiting good behavior) may attend a special Halloween event during lunch recess in the gym. All students may wear a costume to school with a $1 donation to the school activity fund.

    Bartlett Kindergarten: Friday is black and orange day. Weather-permitting, students will participate in a short costume parade outdoors at 2 p.m. Students may bring (not wear) their costumes to school or they may wear black and orange for the day.

    We wish all students a Happy Halloween and remind everyone, no matter their age, to be safe and vigilant.

  • Updated with Photos: Hunking School Project Reached Exciting Milestone Tuesday

    If you notice an American flag flying high over the area just behind the Bradford Fire Station, don’t worry … you haven’t missed a patriotic holiday. The flag is part of a construction tradition called Topping Off, and it happened Tuesday, October 13 at the Hunking School project.

    Topping Off marks the point in a construction project when the steel frame of the building is complete. The tradition is a celebration by the steelworkers on a project noting the end of their part in the project.

    Most of the time, the workers place a flag on the highest point of the building. But around the holidays, sometimes a Christmas tree replaces the traditional flag.

    It also marks a transition point for the project. As one team of workers finishes and moves off-site, a new groups arrive to begin the next steps, which include closing up the shell of the building and beginning to install the interior finishings.

    183A4380 183A4379 183A4387 183A4400 183A4401 183A4402 183A4409 183A4425 183A4427 183A4432 183A4435 183A4438 183A4441 183A4447 183A4450 183A4453 183A4456 183A4460 183A4479 183A4486 183A4492 183A4497 183A4504 183A4507 183A4516 183A4518 183A4533 183A4532 183A4544 183A4547 183A4552 183A4557 183A4560 183A4565 183A4571 183A4572 183A4583 183A4587 183A4595 183A4602 183A4615 183A4609 183A4622 183A4628 183A4634 183A4646

  • Hillie Nation Marching Band to Debut at October 16 Football Game

    There was a lot of excitement as band uniforms were passed out last week.

    There was a lot of excitement as band uniforms were passed out last week.

    The Hillies and the Indians (from Billerica Memorial High School) won’t be the only teams taking the field on Friday night at Trinity Stadium. Hillie Nation Marching Band — made up of members of the Haverhill High School, ArtsLoop, and Advanced Middle School Band — will make its debut.

    Under the direction of district band director Dean Tsiropoulos and assistant Matthew Leftin, the Hillie Nation Band will perform in the end zone.

    Students (both current and former), staff, parents, and friends have supported the football team in large numbers and with great enthusiasm this season, encouraging the team through its first five games to a 3-2 record, 3-0 in division play.

    The addition of the Hillie Nation Band on game day will only add to the festive atmosphere and excitement that accompanies Hillie football. It’s yet another reason we all feel so much Hillie Pride.

    The game doesn’t start until 7, but Hillie Nation Band members are being asked to gather at 4 p.m. for uniforms, preparation of gear and warm-up. All of Hillie Nation looks forward to the band’s inaugural on-field performance.

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