• Superintendent recalls sacrifices of Pearl Harbor

    Reading the names of the casualties at Pearl Harbor.

    Reading the names of the casualties at Pearl Harbor.

    Seventy-four years ago today, our nation was struck by the same forces of evil that threaten us today.

    Then, those jealous of our freedoms and democracy rallied to attack us at Pearl Harbor while Germany already had invaded France.

    Today, as we live in the shadows of September 11, we pause to salute the almost 2,500 killed and close to 2,000 wounded at Pearl Harbor.

    While the numbers of that Great Generation diminish, as educators we should always make sure our students know of the resolve of that generation that sacrificed everything to combat such evil.

    Thank you for taking the time on so many occasions to allow so many to hear and learn of the freedoms we cherish and the sacrifices made to maintain our hopes and dreams.

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