• Students become the teachers at iSchool

    Haverhill teachers and students who want to learn about crafting good presentations and using the Google Classroom platform don’t have to look any farther than the iSchool.

    Four senior members of the iTeam, a group of technology students learning and working for Advanced Placement credits in the HHS-based iSchool, have created videos and accompanying personal presentations on the topics.

    Teachers throughout the district can make an appointment either individually or in groups to see the students’ presentations. Teachers can arrange to bring their students to the iSchool for the lesson on good presentations, as well.

    According to Technology Facilitator Brian Nagel, who oversees the iSchool, the presentations and the students behind them are:

    The Art of Presenting (John Sanders, Period 1)
    Learn how to create and present a professional looking presentation.
    Intended Audience: Teachers and students.
    Video overview

    Google Classroom (Tim Carbone, Period 3)
    Learn the basics of Google’s learning platform.
    Intended Audience: Teachers.
    Video overview

    Using Google Drive (Bryce Spencer and Steph Zuber, Periods 9 and 10)
    Learn how to use Google Drive with your students.
    Intended Audience: Teachers.
    Video overview

    To make an appointment, email the iSchool at  ischool@haverhill-ps.org

    Located in Haverhill High School near the cafeteria, the iSchool is a technology resource for the entire Haverhill School District. The iSchool maintains flexible hours so that teachers and administrators who cannot visit during the school day can make an appointment before or after school hours. To brush up on familiar but forgotten skills, the iSchool provides a virtual classroom at http://training.haverhill-ps.org/

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