Special Education Services

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  • Sector 4 Whittier, Pentucket Lake and Walnut Square

    Welcome to Sector 4

    Special Education Supervisor

    leighana kenney

    Leighana Kenny

    The role of the special education supervisor is to ensure compliance and implementation of FAPE for all special education students in the assigned sector.  Supervise and manage personnel and resources to provide FAPE through well planned and structured services. Liaise with school personnel, parents, agencies and necessary vendors to implement IEP services in accordance with state and federal regulations.


    Clerical support for Sector 4

    Dale Michaud


    Sector 4 SPED Facilitator: Helen Higgins

    Whittier Middle School

    Principal: Brian Gill

    Pentucket Lake Elementary

    Principal: Diane Connolly

    Walnut Square Elementary

    Principal: Toni Donais

(978) 374-3400
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