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  • Meeting Guidelines

    The School Committee consists of the Mayor and six members who are elected at large by the citizens of Haverhill for a term of four years. In accordance with the City Charter, the Mayor serves as the Ex-Officio Chairperson and the School Committee annually elects a president who presides in the absence of the Mayor and a vice president. The Committee is a deliberative, policy-making body. Policies are executed and the System administered through professional personnel employed by the Committee.

    Regular meetings of the School Committee are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month in the Theodore A. Pelosi, Jr. Council Chambers, 4 Summer Street in Haverhill. Citizens of Haverhill are encouraged to submit items through the Superintendent of Schools. Items intended for a meeting agenda, should be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools no later than the Wednesday of the week before the Committee meeting is held.

    The following statement is read at the beginning of each meeting:  those attending tonight’s meeting should be aware that the meeting is being audio and video recorded by HCTV (add any other media outlet/party which tells you they will be recording).  Any audience members who wish to record any part of the meeting must inform the Chair who will announce the recording.  This is to comply with the MA wiretap statute.

    The school committee abides by the Open Meeting Law and Roberts Rules of Order. The Open Meeting Law Guide can be found below along with the link to the official site for Robert Rules of Order:

    2017 Open Meeting Law Guide

    Roberts Rules of Order

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