• Rosh Hashanah

    This coming Sunday night at sundown our Jewish brothers and sisters begin their celebration of Rosh Hashanah…

    Last year I shared a message from a well known writer – Brad Hirschfield – His thoughts and words express so well a sentiment we should share and reflect on…and thus I thought I’d share his profound reflections with you again…

    Rosh Hashanah is not only New Years according to the Jewish calendar, but also celebrates the birthday of the world, or as other rabbinic traditions have it, the birthday of the first humans, as recorded in the Book of Genesis.  Either way, Rosh Hashanah teaches important truths about the biblical story of creation — truths we all need, regardless of faith, faithlessness, or any of the myriad ways we think about how either the world or the human race came into existence…

    We face many challenges in the world today, and most of us have plenty of personal challenges as well, so this is no Pollyannaish claim that we can simply hug them all away.  It is simply a reminder, as old as Genesis itself, that we are more connected than we often realize, and that in reminding ourselves of those connections, we can find ways to make this year better than last – whatever calendar we happen to use.”

    Therefore….I hope you all join me in wishing all of our Jewish brothers and sisters a Happy New Year.

    Jim Scully

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