• Message from the Superintendent to staff about Pearl Harbor

    As you all know tomorrow we Remember Pearl Harbor Day…most of us were not around then but the stories of many remain and allow us to honor those that sacrificed and be strengthened by the resolve of many great Americans who rallied to serve in the Armed Forces or work in the home front to support the war effort…

    Before the end of the day Wednesday…take a few moments to explain to your students the tragedy of that day and the reason we have to stay vigilant as we sadly learned on September the 11th…

    Take a moment and look up USA Today…Tom Brokaw: Pearl Harbor is the birthplace of ‘Greatest Generation

    In this story…you will find a wonderful message and some video clips that brings December 7th into perspective.

    Take a moment so that those before you know that then and now there are many great Americans that value the notion of service and sacrifice

    Let’s always keep them in our thoughts and prayers…

    Thank you,

    Jim Scully

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