• Great News from Consentino!

    Earlier this week, Mr. Scully has learned that the Consentino Middle School was selected to participate in a new pilot program geared to families in grade 7 who are interested in sending their children to college.

    Thanks to Representative Dempsey, Chairman of the House and Ways and Means Committee and State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, Consentino families will be given savings accounts to help parents plan for their children’s college costs. All students in grade 7 will get a “529 Savings Account’ offered through SoarMA of which $50 was already donated by private citizens and state contributions.

    The intent of this program is to encourage families from five Massachusetts Gateway cities to save money for future higher education costs. Families who choose to sign up can begin making contributions and will receive a monetary match from the SoarMA program upon their contribution of $100 in the first calendar year. Consentino was one of five schools that were chosen to participate in this program.

    Again, Mr. Scully and the entire Consentino family is most grateful to Representative Dempsey for always looking out for the students of Haverhill!

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