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  • Title I

    Connecting Home and School
    Welcome to the Title I Parent Resource site. The goal of providing this information to you is to increase parent involvement while raising student achievement. Title I funds are allocated to various schools to allow them to hold school-wide events, supplement learning activities and other services designed to provide educational assistance.  TITLE I sponsored events are always open to ALL parents from Title I schools. If you are in doubt, contact the parent facilitator at the host school.

    What does a Title One Facilitator do?

    A Title One Facilitator wears many hats. A facilitator does the following:

    • Conducts a comprehensive needs assessment through analysis of disaggregated student performance data, demographic data, and other pertinent indicators
    • Develops a school wide Title 1 plan that focuses monetary and human resources on identified needs
    • Consistently monitors accurate implementation of all aspects of the Title 1 plan
    • Conducts evaluation of the effectiveness of the Title 1 plan
    • Implements the requirements of parent involvement policy and school-parent compact
    • Organizes and conducts parent involvement programs
    • Develops and implements extended day or extended year academic programs
    • Collaborates with the principal and other school and district personnel to plan and implement professional training for teachers, aides, administrators, pupil services personnel, parents, and other community audiences
    • Collaborates with the principal and other school and district personnel to identify, evaluate, and implement research-based curricular materials and instructional methods that support the required strategies of Title 1, NCLB, and required state and district academic standards in mathematics and English/Language Arts
    • Assists with federal and state Title 1 program evaluations
    • Works flexible hours to facilitate staff training, parenting and tutoring programs, enrichment activities, and other duties
    • Assumes other related Title 1 duties as assigned by the principal and/or Federal Programs Office.

    Title I Summer School

    The goal of Title I Summer School, the Student Advancement  Program, is to target students who need academic reinforcement of specific skills.  The class sizes are small and the day is short with the focus of instruction centering on critical Math, Reading and Writing skills.

    Title I School Parent Facilitators 

    Suzette DiTonno – Parent Facilitator Coordinator
    Penny Spreadborough – Parent Facilitator Consentino School
    Rebecca Ewell, Jennifer Onofaro & Alberto Rosso – Parent Facilitators Golden Hill School
    Molly Cartier & Travis Ducharme – Parent Facilitators Nettle School
    Kristen Portillo – Parent Facilitator Pentucket Lake School
    Patricia Sullivan  – Parent Facilitator Tilton School
    Kerri Alves & Kim Perez – Parent Facilitators Silver Hill School



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