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    The English Language Arts consist of several fundamental, important areas of study:  Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language. As such, these topics form the essential building blocks for learning in the other academic disciplines. Developing effective communication skills enables human beings to interact with one another and contribute to society. The Haverhill Public Schools is committed to providing students with an effective English Language Arts curriculum from the day they begin school – right up to the day they graduate. Our goal is to help each student acquire the literacy skills necessary to become a successful, productive citizen.

    Units of Study Writing: K-8 – Purpose: provide all the teaching points, mini lessons, conferences, and small group work needed to teach a comprehensive workshop curriculum in opinion/argument, information, and narrative writing; foster high-level thinking through regular chances to synthesize, analyze, and critique; build writing independence and fluency; provide a ladder of exemplar texts that model writing progressions across grades K–8; develop and refine strategies for writing across the curriculum; include strategic performance assessments to help monitor mastery and differentiate instruction.

    The Lesley Literacy Collaborative is a comprehensive literacy model based on research, data, and best practices. Literacy Coaches at the elementary schools receive extensive training at Lesley University and then train their peers over a three-year period. Teachers trained in this model provide a high level of instruction in reading, writing, and language skills to their elementary students.

    The 6 + 1 Writing Traits Program is an effective, research-based program that provides a solid foundation for teaching writing. Students learn the key aspects (6 traits) of writing:  Ideas, Organization, Voice, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, and Conventions. ELA teachers use this program in their classes to improve student writing. District-wide writing rubrics are based on the 6 + 1 Writing Traits Program.

    Writing with Colors is a highly visual approach that helps answer the question:  “What does good writing look like?” While students are often advised to “show don’t tell” in their writing, this strategy allows them to truly “see” good writing. Students learn how to identify and include the following in their own writing:  topic/focus, transitional words/phrases, explanation/analysis, supporting details, and language/style.

    Summer Reading should be a key part of every child’s summer vacation. It is important to maintain the literacy skills that students work hard to develop during the school year. The School District provides age-appropriate lists of book titles to help guide families with their selections.

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