• Commissioner Riley Visits HHS

    A Message from the Superintendent:

    Every day we all come to work to provide our scholars the best experiences we can to engage you and provide you access to the skills and opportunities necessary to reach your dreams. Today I want to thank Commissioner Jeffrey Riley for coming to Haverhill High School to discuss his plans to support teaching and learning and leverage the state’s resources to provide you all a world class education.

    Commissioner Riley has proposed a set of plans described a Deeper Learning that provide real world learning experiences for all kids.

    Many of these experiences already exist in pockets in our schools and across the state. Commissioner Riley is looking to support teachers and administrators through partnerships that will grow these experiences so that every student is engaged and has access and opportunities to prepare them for their college and career choice.

    Your voices and advocacy will be shaping Haverhill High School today as well as into the future!

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