• Back to School Message from Superintendent James F. Scully

    Superintendent James F. Scully watches a video during the annual day-before-school staff gathering at DiBurro's, Ward Hill. The title of the video is "Getting Better" and recounts improvements made in the school district over the past year.

    Superintendent James F. Scully watches a video during the annual day-before-school staff gathering at DiBurro’s, Ward Hill. The title of the video is “Getting Better” and recounts improvements made in the school district over the past year.

    On Monday morning, I spoke to the Haverhill Public School Department staff about the upcoming year. (For the video of this presentation, please click HERE.)

    I showed them a short clip of a husband-and-wife duo who sang recently at Hampton Beach, and explained that I spoke with them after their performance. Both mentioned that they were public school graduates, and the man said he went to school in Lawrence.

    I got around to asking him who his favorite teacher was.

    He responded, “Mrs. White.”

    I said, “She taught at the Hennessy School,” and he said, “Yes, she was my kindergarten teacher.”

    I said, “Then I must have been your principal!”

    He didn’t remember me, but he sure remembered Donna White.

    He said, “When I was a little kid, growing up in a tough neighborhood in Lawrence, she was the first person to be nice to me. And the whole year in her class, she really cared for me. And even as I went through the subsequent years, she always took the time to genuinely say ‘Hi.’ “

    I reminded the gathered staff, which included teachers, principals, office workers, technicians, facilities folks, aides and others, that when you extend a kind moment to a child, you leave a lasting imprint.

    “There is not one of us who chooses this profession for any other reason than to make a difference in the life of a child,” I told the gathering. “Even those in noninstructional roles delight in the part they play in seeing the smile and glimmer of hope and promise in the eyes of those entrusted to our care.”

    Each day, thousands of Haverhill parents and families send their children to us. We are mindful of the great gift that we are given when we work with children and assume the sacred responsibility of educating them.

    I am proud to say that the Haverhill Public School Department staff has the sincere desire and drive to do what’s right, and fully realizes that those who enter our schools on August 26, 2014 will be the doctors that treat us in our golden years, the teachers that educate our grandchildren, the nurses who care for us as we seek comfort, and many others will address the political and scientific solutions that our generation had a hand in creating.

    May our wise and prudent choices make a difference in their lives.

    I renew my vow to do my very best to improve the way the schools are operated and managed, and to ensure that together we give our very best to our students.

    I wish everyone a wonderful school year.



    James F. Scully

    Haverhill Superintendent

  • Public Hearing on Haverhill Public Schools – FY15 Budget

    A public hearing on the FY15 Haverhill Public Schools’ Budget will be held on Thursday, June 12, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. in the Theodore A. Pelosi, Jr. City Council Chambers, Four Summer Street in Haverhill, Massachusetts 01830.


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  • Superintendent Scully’s message to the Class of 2014

    Haverhill Public Schools Superintendent James F. Scully told graduates’ families that they have raised a “distinguished group of young men and women” as members of the Haverhill High School Class of 2014 received their diplomas.

    Superintendent Scully invoked the memories of the D-Day invasion of Normandy and the Boston Marathon bombings in his address, urging students to “run toward the problem” and to face challenges head-on in the days and years ahead.

    He thanked Dr. Mary Malone, the district’s assistant superintendent, who leaves Haverhill this month to take the superintendent’s job in the Ayer Shirley district.

    For Superintendent Scully’s complete address, see below:

  • A Memorial Day message

    This weekend we pause to remember … so many among us have served … so many of those who have served this great country have lost relatives, classmates, and friends.

    Please take a few moments with all of your classes to discuss and explain to them the sacrifices made and how we as a nation, a city, and as individuals should pause, reflect, pray,  and be grateful to these brave women and men.

    May we all remember ….

    Have a safe and pleasant weekend.

    Jim Scully

  • Thank a nurse today

    Superintendent James F. Scully sent this message to school district staff:

    Today is International Nurses Day, and is celebrated as the conclusion of Nurse Appreciation Week.

    The nurses across this land are recognized for their labor of love with so many entrusted to their care. Those of us who have experienced their kindly care know well their importance in our time of need: their gentle hand and reassuring words, all founded in their knowledge and skills. Whether we’re a child in the nurse’s office for a banged knee in the schoolyard or an adult going through the recovery period from a stroke or surgical procedure, it is a nurse that carries us over the hurdles.

    This quote, from poet Maya Angelou, sums up the principles that nurses live by: “As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves. They may not remember your name but they will never forget the way you made them feel.”

    Please take a moment to thank the nurses in our schools who care for so many.


  • With gratitude to Haverhill’s teachers

    The following is a message sent by Superintendent James Scully to Haverhill school staff:

    This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.

    nettlesingI believe this photo of students at the Nettle School says it all. They performed for friends and family on Friday night. The same night I saw seniors at Haverhill High perform the annual senior play. Last weekend, it was our stars on the track team. Last Tuesday, all the spring season student-athletes gathered to thank local businessman Ernie DiBurro for his generosity to HHS.

    I wish everyone could get to see all that Dr. Malone and I are so privileged to see around our schools each week. Our students are full of hope and promise; they are beginning to taste the joy of success. I know it is in large part due to your hope and belief in them.

    As they go on with their education and with their dreams, we probably will not know what path many will select. But rest assured they know of the significant role that you have played as their teacher. A few may not remember you down the road, but you will always know you have done your job.

    Well done!

    Dr. Malone and I are most grateful for all that you do.

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