• With gratitude to Haverhill’s teachers

    The following is a message sent by Superintendent James Scully to Haverhill school staff:

    This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.

    nettlesingI believe this photo of students at the Nettle School says it all. They performed for friends and family on Friday night. The same night I saw seniors at Haverhill High perform the annual senior play. Last weekend, it was our stars on the track team. Last Tuesday, all the spring season student-athletes gathered to thank local businessman Ernie DiBurro for his generosity to HHS.

    I wish everyone could get to see all that Dr. Malone and I are so privileged to see around our schools each week. Our students are full of hope and promise; they are beginning to taste the joy of success. I know it is in large part due to your hope and belief in them.

    As they go on with their education and with their dreams, we probably will not know what path many will select. But rest assured they know of the significant role that you have played as their teacher. A few may not remember you down the road, but you will always know you have done your job.

    Well done!

    Dr. Malone and I are most grateful for all that you do.

  • Superintendent’s Message on Boston Fire Tragedy

    April 2, 2014
    Moments ago the funeral Mass for Lt. Walsh of the Boston Fire Department concluded…tomorrow the services for Fireman Michael Kennedy will take place…I hope you have found the time to suggest to your students to watch the news stories of their funeral services…or if possible maybe allow them to view the same on the classroom televisions…
    Part of our mission in education is to enlighten those entrusted to us…to the good deeds, the heroics, and the concept of service to others… that same notion that has brought you to the most noble profession – teaching.
    These two brave men and their family and friends deserve our thoughts and prayers…so please make sure that all that sit before you…especially those in the middle and high school years, understand and hear your words that express the value of service to our fellow human beings and for some sadly…this means the loss of one’s life…our sisters and brothers in uniform are well aware of the dangers they face as they defend this great country…as we pass police stations…fire stations…hear the screech of the sirens…do we pause and think…where might they be headed…what danger lurks ahead…

    So take the time and share your sentiments with your students and hope that as we prepare them academically we also leave with them with the value and notion of service…
    James F. Scully Superintendent of Schools


  • Credentialing Issues

    Dear Parents:

    I am writing this letter today to inform you of a situation that has occurred in our school system. If your child was affected by this matter, you would have already received a phone call or letter from me by now.

    As you know from recent reports on both local television news broadcasts and most recently in the Eagle Tribune that there was a matter involving an employee who was employed as a nurse by the Haverhill Public Schools. Documents provided by this individual to Haverhill Public Schools were not authentic.

    We have done a thorough review of the medical records maintained by the District and determined that no medically inappropriate actions were taken by this individual during the time she was employed by us.

    These egregious actions resulted in this former employee’s arrest today by Haverhill Police.

    Haverhill Public Schools has instituted corrective action to insure that a situation such as this does not occur again and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


    Letty from Mr. Scully.pdf

  • Superintendent Scully: Malone’s departure to leave void in district

    On Tuesday, April 1, Haverhill Assistant Superintendent Mary Malone accepted the offer from the Ayer Shirley Regional School District to become its superintenent.

    Haverhill Public Schools Superintendent James Scully sent this message to staff this morning.

    “Last night the Ayer Shirley Regional School District offered Dr. Malone the position of superintendent and she accepted. While I am thrilled for Mary, her departure will leave a major void in our school administrative ranks.

    “As you all know, Mary is very sharp and focused … and knows what works for children. Her strong attributes will enrich the Ayer Shirley district.

    “I have worked with Mary for a long time and she always placed the needs of children above all … for that and for so many other reasons, I am most grateful. I know you all join me in wishing her the best.”

  • Thank you, City Council

    On Tuesday, March 25, 2014 the Haverhill City Council voted unanimously to set the date for a special election on the debt exclusion needed to pay the city’s share of the cost of a new Hunking School.

    Haverhill voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, June 10, 2014.

    On behalf of the school district, I want to express my gratitude to the City Council for its decision to put this question before the voters.

    I was pleased to hear many councilors remark on the importance of this project for the entire city of Haverhill.

    The project is necessary for the students who currently attend the Hunking School, since the building must close at the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

     However, the project is essential in many other ways. It will relieve crowding in schools throughout the city. It will protect property values and encourage business — two things that we know can help to control property taxes.

    I was proud to accept the position of Haverhill superintendent of schools in 2010, knowing full well the depth of this city’s commitment to and support of education. Every constituency in the city — whether parents or property owners, senior citizens or business owners — has demonstrated an understanding of the importance of education and a safe, comfortable space in which to learn.

  • School roofs, drains cleared

    A six-man crew cleared the Hunking School roof on Thursday and created channels to keep water flowing to roof drains.

    A six-man crew cleared the Hunking School roof on Thursday and created channels to keep water flowing to roof drains.

    A message from Superintendent James F. Scully:

    Because of the weather events of the past couple of weeks, I have ordered school roofs and drains cleared around the city, with special attention to be paid to the Hunking School roof.

    Consistent with the recommendations of the involved engineers … I have had the snow load on the stressed areas and drains of the Hunking School roof cleared.

    As you know the engineers have indicated that in addition to the deteriorated structural supports so too does the inadequate or poorly designed roof supports remain a concern. Thus I ordered that appropriate action be taken.”

    At my request, custodians and maintenance staff have cleared or are currently clearing roof drains and other areas as needed.

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