• HHS with Chyten Education to Provide Strategic College Success Program

    In recognition of the increasingly competitive college admission landscape, Haverhill Public Schools is partnering with Chyten Education to provide a strategic college success program that will provide each Haverhill High student with the best strategies, support, and programs to achieve their college aspirations.

    Each year, college admission grows more competitive, and students find that even with sterling grades, high test scores, and laudatory letters of recommendation, they need something else to help set them apart from a pool of talented applicants.

    This need is what led Haverhill High to partner with Chyten for a comprehensive program focused on admission success. This program is an extension of the school’s mission, Haverhill “is dedicated to ensuring each learner meets or exceeds rigorous academic standards to become a citizen with integrity, skills, and the resources to succeed in the global community.”

    Chyten Education, a local leading expert in academic excellence, test prep, and college admission, has created a custom program in support of Haverhill High students as they prepare for college-entrance exams and begin the application process for higher education.

    For over 30 years, Chyten has used proven, proprietary methodologies to help thousands of students achieve perfect or near-perfect scores on college-entrance exams and prepare for college success. No company has placed a higher percentage of students into top US colleges and universities, and Haverhill Public Schools sees this as a natural next step toward maintaining improvements seen in student outcomes over the last few years.

    “Haverhill High School and Chyten Education share a core belief that all students have the potential to attain a college degree,” said Chyten CEO Neil Khaund. “The desired outcome of this program is to encourage students to see that higher education is within their grasp. Haverhill Public Schools is setting the bar for districts looking to be fully responsive to the needs of learners. Their commitment to creating a college culture among high school students is unique.”

    This unique combination of test prep and college counseling is the first of its kind in the area. The program will focus on test prep for juniors and college counseling for both juniors and seniors, with the aim of increasing admittance at tier I four-year universities and securing increased scholarship funding for Haverhill graduates. The program is housed on-site at Haverhill High during school hours and is absolutely free to Haverhill students, thus ensuring broad and equal access, as well as maximized benefit to participants.

    Students will work closely with Chyten’s test prep and college application experts on developing a test prep and college application timeline. During the school day, juniors will take an SAT prep course to maximize test scores. Both juniors and seniors will work with on-site college counselors to build a personal brand, dig deep into essay writing, understand application sequencing, and learn secrets about recommendation letters and college interviews.

    “We’re thrilled to offer this program to our students,” said Haverhill Principal Beth Kitsos. “Our kids work extremely hard and have a lot to offer, and this partnership with Chyten gives us an

    opportunity to provide expert guidance as our students navigate the testing and admission process. We want to see all of our students find a college that’s a perfect fit once they leave Haverhill, and this is an important next step toward achieving that goal.”

  • Consentino Open House

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  • Professional Doors Open Wide Across Districts in Haverhill Elementary Schools

    Professional Doors Open Wide Across Districts in Haverhill Elementary Schools: Kindergarten Teachers Walk-Through Each Other’s Classrooms

    From May 15 through May 18, Haverhill Kindergarten Teachers of the Bartlett, Bradford, Pentucket Lake and Silver Hill Schools; and, Lowell Kindergarten Teachers of the Bailey, Moody, and Reilly Schools conducted walk-throughs of each other’s classrooms, observing instruction with their students, and sharing best practices.  As partners of professional development during the last 18 months, Haverhill and Lowell kindergarten staff, literacy specialists, and administrators, have concluded their first, full year designing curriculum implementing DESE’s Statewide Focus on K2 principles of early literacy and learning.  

    In the spirit of collaboration, teachers observed how interactive, standards-based literacy classroom centers have been established and, how students are engaging with their peers while immersed in two different Focus on K2 units of study; Animals 2×2 (Lowell) and Our Earth (Haverhill). After each morning walk-through, Haverhill and Lowell kindergarten teachers met together, discussing their successes and strategies aligning Massachusetts’ five principles of early literacy and learning throughout both districts. The week of visits was reviewed positively by all, and the development of cross-district kindergarten professional learning communities have been planned for the next school year.

    Our thanks to 19 extraordinary kindergarten teachers, their 423 students, and administrators for opening their doors on behalf of early literacy instruction: Rashaun Martin, Haverhill Public Schools, District Supervisor, Social Studies and World Languages; Melissa Newell, Lowell Public Schools, Coordinator of English Language Arts & Literacy, K-12; Margaret Rodero, Literacy Specialist; Donna Mastrovito, Literacy Specialist; Sean Carabatsos, Principal, Reilly Elementary School, Lowell; Margaret Shepherd, Principal, Silver Hill Charter School, Haverhill; Kimberly Clements, Principal, Bailey Elementary School, Lowell; Maureen Gray, Principal, Bartlett Kindergarten Center, Haverhill; Roberta Keefe, Principal, Moody Elementary School, Lowell; Dianne Connolly, Principal, Pentucket Lake Elementary School, Haverhill; and Louise Perry, Principal, Bradford Elementary School, Haverhill.  

    This is supported by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Early Literacy Grant and CREST Collaborative.

  • A Memorial Day Message from the Superintendent

    Please take a moment to click on the link below…for I could not express the significance as well as President Reagan did some years ago…PLEASE make sure all in our schools know why we are closed Monday and what Memorial Day is all about…
    Published on May 29, 2014
    Remembering all those who gave it all so that we can live in freedom. Memorial Day 2014.
    Speech from Ronald Reagan, 1985 at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

    Thank you to all who served and to those in your family long gone …may their sacrifices always be remembered…
    God Bless
  • Hunking Official Opening – Sunday, 5/21

    Good morning,
    It is with much excitement that I send this invitation to you to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Caleb Dustin Hunking School this Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. The official program will last approximately a half-hour. 
    We hope to see you to showcase this beautiful school and what can be accomplished when a community comes together.
    Thank you again for your support of this momentous project and for having a significant role in making this dream come true for the children of Haverhill.
    Most sincerely,
    Jim Scully

    Sunday, May 21st 2:00-3:00pm

    Hunking School,
    480 S. Main Street, Haverhill, MA

  • Aladdin – Friday, 5/19 and Saturday, May 20th

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