• U.S. Department of State Visits Haverhill High School Government Class

    On March 8th, Special Agent Clifton Jeffery of the U.S. State Department visited the HHS AP U.S. Government class. S.A. Jeffery is currently on a two-year assignment in Boston after serving in Iraq, Pakistan, Botswana and several other countries over the last ten years.

    In class, S.A. Jeffery discussed the many responsibilities undertaken by our nation’s State Department throughout the world. He also explained how the compartmentalized-nature of the State Department’s organization was devised to establish a stable and effective U.S. presence in the world.  

    S.A. Jeffery also took time to discuss the many job opportunities that exist within the State Department community. Bryana Michitson, a senior, said afterwards, “He gave us a lot more insight about how the State Department works, and all the different types of professions within the State Department. His visit interested me so much, I now would like to become a political officer within the state department in the future.” Aiden Wertz, another senior, thought S.A. Jeffery was “insightful and inspiring”.

    S.A. Jeffery was one of several guest speakers who have visited the AP U.S. Government class, with the goal of educating today’s students on the career opportunities within out government.  One week earlier, Agent Jay White, a retired FBI agent, gave a similar presentation to the class.

  • Great News from Consentino!

    Earlier this week, Mr. Scully has learned that the Consentino Middle School was selected to participate in a new pilot program geared to families in grade 7 who are interested in sending their children to college.

    Thanks to Representative Dempsey, Chairman of the House and Ways and Means Committee and State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, Consentino families will be given savings accounts to help parents plan for their children’s college costs. All students in grade 7 will get a “529 Savings Account’ offered through SoarMA of which $50 was already donated by private citizens and state contributions.

    The intent of this program is to encourage families from five Massachusetts Gateway cities to save money for future higher education costs. Families who choose to sign up can begin making contributions and will receive a monetary match from the SoarMA program upon their contribution of $100 in the first calendar year. Consentino was one of five schools that were chosen to participate in this program.

    Again, Mr. Scully and the entire Consentino family is most grateful to Representative Dempsey for always looking out for the students of Haverhill!

  • Haverhill High School Athletic Boosters Comedy Night

    March 22, 2017

    Dear Friends of the Haverhill Public Schools:

    As many of you know over the past several years, Athletic Director, Tom O’Brien and a dedicated group of Haverhill High School Athletic Boosters have put together a fundraiser comedy night. This year the even will take place on Friday night, March 24, 2017 at DiBurro’s Function Facility beginning at 7:00 p.m.

    I write to tell you two things. First of all, I thoroughly enjoy the comedians that Tom has had at these gatherings in the past. They truly do a great job. The second reason I write is to point out that when Tom O’Brien first came to Haverhill we had about 800 students involved in the Athletic program. Now we are have close to 1450 students participating in an expanded and very successful athletic program that have proven to regenerate community support for our schools. Therefore, please consider attending this year. I know the athletic staff, students, and parents would really appreciate your support.

    You may purchase tickets in the following ways:

    Haverhill High School
    137 Monument Street
    Haverhill, MA 01832

    Call (978) 374-5732
    Email Athletic Director Tom O’Brien or see through any Hillie Athlete

    James F. Scully
    Superintendent of Schools

  • CREST Hosts Early Literacy Regional Meetings for K-2 Teachers of Haverhill Public Schools

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  • A Message from the Superintendent

    Dear Parents/Guardians and Staff:

    Lately there have been articles in the press relevant to the safety and well-being of students that come from various countries and ethnic groups that attend schools in Massachusetts. Many cities have different situations, however in 2002 when I first came to work in Haverhill I quickly discovered the warm and caring attitude of school department employees in helping all assimilate into our system and community.

    Returning to Haverhill as a school superintendent I again discovered there is a general concern here for every student’s emotional well-being and feelings of self worth. All recognize and are grateful for the variety of cultures that come together in our schools which assist in bridging many gaps. If you visit our schools it is easy to detect that genuine spirit that so many share.

    All of our administrators join me in maintaining that spirit of respect and appreciation that has been a strength of this wonderful city since its incorporation around 1640.

    Thank you for your understanding of the myriad of issues that we in face in our nation, our state, and our city and I trust that all will share the value of virtue with prudence as we educate the many that are entrusted to our care.


    James F. Scully

    Superintendent of Schools

  • 1st Annual Black History Month Celebration at Buttonwoods 2/24

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